What is the Giants’ plan at CB?

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

This offseason, Giant fans are jumping on the “fix the offensive line” bandwagon. I agree the offensive line is a huge concern, perhaps the biggest, but there are other units on the roster that need just as much attention.

Tight end, linebacker and cornerback immediately come to mind. Also, there is a clamoring for a big, physical WR to replace Hakeem Nicks. If the Giants can’t bring in a veteran replacement, they may not be able to pass up a Mike Evans or a Kelvin Benjamin early on in this draft.

And how about a pass rusher? They were way down in sack production last season and may not be bringing back their top sacker, Justin Tuck (10.5).  They also need help in the offensive backfield, unless you feel comfortable with what they have right now. I can’t see how you can be.

The unheralded story this offseason is the Giants’ need for corners. Currently, the team has only three CBs under contract with NFL experience: Prince Amukamara, Jayron Hosley and Charles James. Whoa.

Corey Webster is gone and probably won’t return unless the roster hits critical mass at the position this fall. Terrell Thomas is a free agent as are Trumaine McBride and Aaron Ross. The Giants could get all three back for a song since they’ll be little interest in them on the open market.

But is that an upgrade? Of course not. They must move forward. I’m not enamored with any of the upcoming UFAs (see list). We saw what a physical, intimidating secondary can do this past season with Seattle, so if taking a player along the lines of a Richard Sherman isn’t on your draft day date planner you missed the memo.

As for the draft, the Giants probably won’t use their first rounder on a CB, but could grab a good one come Day Two or Three. I think they should. Some mid-to-late round possibilities…

  • Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Nebraska (6’2″, 215)
  • Keith McGill, Utah (6’3″, 214)

There are others, but these two could end up getting taken higher simply because the NFL is a copycat business and right now big, physical secondaries are all the rage.


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Sean Matrai
Sean Matrai

Ol should be the top priority,but CB is a problem too. Prince has become decent enough,and Webster is still garbage.



I'm starting waver between WR and OL. I think OL is the biggest need for sure in terms of protecting Eli but I am also thinking this class of OL and Gs is deep. That being said if Evans is there that is hard to pass up and I would take him and hope guys like zach Martin and Cyrus fall to the second or even FILO.

Mock 5 rounds giants:

1. Mike EVans or Mathews ( I think Mathews will fall due to Lewan's size and killer combine and robinsons athletic ability)

2. Benjamin or FILO or Cyrus or Martin

3. Nicklas or dri aurthor

4. Keith McGill

5. Sam

Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon

I kinda like some of the corners that are currently expected to be free agents, guys like Nolan Carroll, Tarell Brown, Corey Graham, Walter Thurmond lll, and Javier Arenas would be nice additions to the secondary at the right price


with reese & the fo removing the oc they see the problem is with an inefficient o that left a respectable d in vulnerable field positions much of the time, that includes a qb who led the league in interceptions again.

considering the ineptness of the o the d did a remarkable job of holding up without any help from the o on any level. 

i'm glad reese saw fit to change the oc and fix the obvious problem and in my judgement by not succumbing to the fanatics calls for the dc to be removed he established himself as the person qualified to rebuild the team by attacking the problem head on and not blowing up what doesn't need to be fixed in an effort to satisfy the most vocal voices of discontent.


the NYG's position of GREATest Need is........ GM !!!

How can a GM let SO MANY positions get so WEAK ???!!!???

TE , LMAO.....!!!... with REESE we get a New TE, EVERY Year....

LBer, LOL..... maybe in the 6th or 7th round...and,

why give FeWells more TOOLs that wont play ???

CB.... EVERY Team needs CB's....

CB Kieth McGill & CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste,

are GREAT 4th & 5th rounders....

the NYG's will need Big CB's...

BUT...... the O-Line will be the GREATest need...

hard to WIN,    with NO Points on the Board...................

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart


This is an interesting draft in regards to the what the Giants needs are. For example: The Giants needs are OT, WR, CB, DL, RB, TE (in no particular order). In this years draft, arguably the 3 deepest positions are WR, OL, TE in that order. You mentioned the DL depth or lack of it for the Giants and a need for a pass rusher. A lot of what GM Reese does in the draft will depend of what he does in free agency. Personally, I don't believe the Giants should draft a WR in the 1st rd (like a Mike Evans) when they could acquire one between rds 2-6 (like L'Damian Washington, Brandon Coleman in the later rds). The same could be said at TE as Eric Ebron's name has been mentioned. Ebron is a gifted TE, but again the Giants could get a solid TE in rounds 3-5 and be very happy. Once the free agent phase is completed, I will have a better grasped on what Reese might do in the draft. Until then, I would be purely guessing. Great article.