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Topic: Jerry Reese’s greatest hits

Giants’ GM Jerry Reese seems to be a divisive figure among Giant fans. Some love him while others don’t. I personally think he’s one of the best GMs in the NFL. He’s brought as many Super Bowls to East Rutherford as his old boss, George Young, and he’s far from done.

The job of the GM is just not building through the draft, it involves building, maintaining and persevering as well. Finding players in the UFA and UDFA markets is just as important. This year, with the draft so deep, I can see Reese striking gold not just in the draft but on Manic Monday and beyond.

Since taking over as GM in January of 2007, Reese made some solid moves and we’d like to pay tribute to those by listing our top five:

1. 2010: Signed UDFA WR Victor Cruz

2. 2010: Drafted DE Jason Pierre-Paul with the 15th overall pick

3. 2010: Signed UFA Safety Antrel Rolle to a five-year deal

4. 2013: Drafted OL Justin Pugh with the 19th overall pick

5. 2007: Selected RB Ahmad Bradshaw in 7th round of the draft

Those are ours, what are yours?


Im going to say his incredible 1st draft. Everyone except for one person contributed to the team winning the super bowl. Adam Koets was the only one who didn't make an impact that year. 

Kevin Melanson
Kevin Melanson

You've got some quality picks for Jerry Reese.  Other moves under his tenure include:

-Hakeem Nicks

-Mario Manningham

-Jon Beason

Hopefully he helps to restructure Eli Mannings deal.  DirectTV, Citizen watches, and many others pay that guy bank.  Help increase the salary cap room!


No Clint Sintim?

Tamás Asbóth
Tamás Asbóth

I also mention Hakeem Nicks. He had 3 wonderful years with us and had a key role in Super Bowl run. His mentality wasn't professional last year and he struggled with injuries in 2012 but despite that he was a very very good pick.

Jim Maisano
Jim Maisano

I am fine with Reese. He is part of 2 wonderful rings.  Ahmad Bradshaw in 7th round was a terrific pick.  And to those bashing Reese, name me a GM that has no mistakes or bad draft picks - they all do.  It is true that Reese is in a slump in past couple of drafts, but his overall body of work is good.


That's the top 5?  Fire him.


Manningham in the 3rd


i think its fair to say that two sb wins doesn't give a gm much wiggle room but makes a qb the best qb in the league, at least in some peoples warped mind.


Have to remember before being the GM he was director of player personnel. He helped bring in a lot of players since 2004. Players like Warner, Pierce, Plax, Mitchell. Don't know how much credit he should get for those moves (or even blame for a LB who shall not be named).

I think the list needs to include Michael Boley. He was an integral part of this team for both runs.

The Bad:

The only draft picks that should really deserve criticism (since they were both high picks) are Sintim and Austin. Huge flops. Other misses in include Alford, Beckum, Robinson, Dillard, Brewer, and Kehl.

For FAs, Bass. Awful. Also, should not of let Cofield or Bennett walk (prob not Joesph either but it's all about money - not talent).

The Good:

Draft wise, there are actually a lot of hits. You don't need to get a superstar every round - if you can get a serviceable NFL player with any pick it should be a success.

Ross, Smith, DeOssie, Boss, Bradshaw, Thomas, Phillips, Manningham, Nicks, Beatty, Brown, Joesph, Prince, Jernigan

For FAs - Reese has been good not only at signing players, but letting go off guys before the major fall of production (only miss there being Cofield)

Rolle, Cruz, Mitchell, Tynes, Weatherford, Boley are the biggest gets


Only 3 major trades - all very good

Got us Weatherford, Beason, and a 2nd round pick for Shockey

Overall, Reese is a good GM. We have won 2 superbowls under Reese. Does he make mistakes? Of course, but what GM doesn't? His successes clearly outweigh his failures.

Chris Gamestrodamos
Chris Gamestrodamos

I feel Reece is underrated... He really has a tough Job considering the immense pressure on this team every year. Once the OL went down everyone wants his head, but he will get it fixed... in Reece we trust! 


All in all Reese has been a very solid GM. Two rings in seven years, any GM would take that. He started out red hot drafting guys like Bradshaw, Boss, Steve Smith. All those guys contributed to winning the 07-08 title.

I do agree some of his project picks tend to hurt aka Adrien Robinson, Brewer, Hankins. Those picks didn't develop (maybe Hankins still can) but hey every GM has to miss once in awhile. I prefer guys that can contribute right away when you have a team that is built to win now. Fennelly for the most part I like your list, here is mine.

1. Signing Cruz as an UDFA (that should be an obvious #1)

2. Bradshaw was an excellent 7th rd pick. Great value helping win 2 rings.

3. Trade for Beason. Gave up very little for what could be a very solid in his prime middle linebacker.

4. Drafted JPP. Yes injuries have derailed him from stardom last 2 seasons but still young and if he can get his health back could be back to elite.

5. Drafted Linval Joseph. Very underrated guy, did the dirty work on the line. Too bad we couldn't keep him from moving on.

One other item, DaMontre Moore could be on this list by next year. Huge potential, just needs more playing time. Sky is the limit if him and JPP are healthy and running on all cylinders.



But Ever Since SPAG's LEFT,

REESE Has Gone Down Hill,


with Sub-Par DRAFTing Skill's.....

............. So you GUY's all wanna settle for AVERAGE,

don't Rock the Boat--- MEDIOCRITY !!!!!

you don't win in the NFL, with MEDIOCRITY........

ELI Deserves BETTER !!!


I agree with all but pugh. Let's relax he played 1 season so far and not much to show for. I'd say trading for Jon Beason for a 6th round pick and giving him a good contract should take that spot because he has the potential to be a superstar linebacker if healthy. Pugh was a good pick but he hasn't showed enough yet and it's only been one season


@Skookaloop PLEASE, relax with the Reese bashing on every single thread! Every GM has their misses, but Jerry Reese has had his fair share of picks/moves that worked out very well for the Giants. 

We've won TWO SUPERBOWLS in the past seven seasons...TWO SUPERBOWLS IN THE PAST SEVEN SEASONS!!! There are teams in the NFL who haven't sniffed the playoffs in 7 seasons, and you constantly whine about the GM...Reese has earned the right for every Giants fan to trust his decision making for AT LEAST the next 3 seasons. 

Get over it and let's have an optimistic approach going into the draft! 


I think Reese is at his best when he doesn't get too cute/overthinks his picks.  I would say drafting Prince A and Linval Joseph are two of the better moves he has made.  On another note why couldn't they have the draft earlier?  I get there is a scheduling conflict but how about they move it somewhere else.  It just doesn't make sense to have the draft so late.  

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

I am not going to say that Reese is overrated, nor will I say that Reese is underrated... Over the years, Reese seems to get too much credit and not enough blame.... I wrote an article last year stating that "the 2013 draft was Reese's worse draft ever" and I still stand by the grace of god Pugh had a solid rookie season, but no one can convince me that he was the 19th best prospect in the 2013 draft. I would say that Reese is slightly above average as a GM and that's being kind.. I will say that if Reese doesn't draft well in this years draft that is arguably the deepest draft in nearly 5+ years, he should lose his job. No more excuse Reese, get it done.


1. 2010: Signed UDFA WR Victor Cruz:

WR CRUZ was a LOCAL BOY, who worked Hard, fought off a few early injuries and threw Practiced, DEVELOPED a Chemistry with OC KILLDRIVE ( retired) & QB ELI....

And When CRUZ got his NFL SHOT, CRUZ never gave it BACK !!!

REESE really messed the Whole CRUZ Contract Up !!!....

a SMART GM could of landed WR CRUZ, SOONER and for LESS....

2. 2010: Drafted DE Jason Pierre-Paul with the 15th overall pick:

JPP was a REACH, and is a BUST !!!

With DE OSI & DE Tuck getting ALL the Double Teams,

JPP had 1 GREAT Year...

a NFC DE is measured by 1 STAT.... SACKS !!!!!

2010- 5 Sacks

2011- 16.5 Sacks

2012- 6.5 Sacks

2013- 2 Sacks ........ BUST !!!

3. 2010: Signed UFA Safety Antrel Rolle to a five-year deal:


then PAY's him $9Million to Play SLOT CB ???!!!???

Because of ROSTER Depth !!!???!!!

the Best Slot CB's only make $3-4Million per Year

4. 2013: Drafted OL Justin Pugh with the 19th overall pick:

John MARA Drafted OL J. Pugh !!!!!!!!!!

NOT REESE, make NO mistake....

5. 2007: Selected RB Ahmad Bradshaw in 7th round of the draft:

WOW...... a GM took a Chance on a 2nd Round Rated RB,

in the 7th Round, because he Stole a X-Box....

thats not really going out on a LIMB ????

"The job of the GM is just not building through the draft,"

REESE has had SUB-PAR Drafting, for the LAST 4 Years....

"it involves building, maintaining and persevering as well."

REESE has NOT Persevered:

the O-LINE

the RB's

the TE's

the D-Line

the LB's

the CB's

............... and FAILed to Protect the FRANCHISE QB.........



Ha funny guy, you neglected to mention that Sintim tore his acl a few times and was projected by some to be a 1st rounder. Reese got him in the second.

Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon

@Skookaloop This site deserves better trolls than you, i mean the whole caps lock "REESE BaD" thing was cute for a few posts, but put a little effort into your trolling, come up with something new, maybe throw in a "COUGHLIN LooKS JusT LiKE JoHN MARA AnD That's WHy He STILL Has hIS JoB!!!!!" or something new, anything to break up the monotony of your sad attempt at both typing and bashing Jerry Reese


Even better. My bad thought it was 6th

Chris Gamestrodamos
Chris Gamestrodamos

@Skookaloop @John Fennelly  Everywhere... Reece is no savant, but he is one o the better GMS IN THE nfl WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! He has not had a true bust ever,and this is coming from a JETS fan.. you want to talk about bust... talk to a Jets fan!