The good, the bad and the Giants…

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

With the second preseason game rolling up on us Saturday night, here are some things that have me feeling good or feeling queasy today…


USATSI_7995870_110579513_lowres (1)Good: RBs Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams. Looks like the Giants made two good calls here.
Bad: LT Will Beatty’s health. Not that he’s the best LT in the league, but he’s the best LT on the Giants, by a lot.

Good: LG and C JD Walton. Two veterans that will help bolster the quality of the line.
Bad: WR Odell Beckham, Jr. If he does not get on the field soon, his entire rookie season could end up being a waste.

Good: The depth at WR. Corey Washington and Marcus Harris look like two keepers.
Bad: The depth at RB. With David Wilson gone and Peyton Hillis laid up, another veteran could be needed.

Good: The West Coast offense should improve Eli Manning’s completion rate.
Bad: Eli has always been terrible at throwing short and could possibly be the first QB that fails to improve in this system.

Good: TE Larry Donnell has been impressive in camp.
Bad: TE Adrien Robinson has not.


Good: The Giants’ secondary has the makings of becoming a force.
Bad: Their pass rush looks ordinary.

Good: Their LB corp is the best and deepest in years.
Bad: Nothing else, really. The defense looks ready to rock and roll.

Good: The Giants’ defense, even without a dominant pass rush, can win games for them.
Bad: That will only happen if MLB Jon Beason (foot) returns to full health.

Special Teams

Good: The Giants have two very capable kickers in camp.
Bad: One of them is going to get cut.

Good: WR Preston Parker could be retained as the PR.
Bad: That means Trindon Holliday, who has been injured and unimpressive, could be gone.

Good: The Giants have slew of player that can return kicks.
Bad: None of them will be David Wilson or Odell Beckham, Jr.

Good: P Steve Weatherford has looked good in camp.


I'm pleased with what I saw from the OLine and running backs.

No 0-6 this year


Good....Keep the Kid from Temple  He can also punt.

Bad....Other than the Wilson news...nothing yet the season hasn't started when it really counts

Sooooooo   stop rating players and trying to tell us who is where and what.


the GOOD: ELI is Healthy....

the BAD: the O-LINE doesn't look good.....

the GIANT mistake: NOT Drafting OG  Z. Martin.....

the HORROR: REESE has NOT put together a Winning ROSTER...

7-9... NO PLAY-OFF's

1. LION's -- L

2. Arizona -- W

3. Houston -- W

4. Redskins -- L

5. ATL -- W

6. Philly -- L

7. Cowboys -- W

8. Bye

9. Colts -- L

10. Seattle -- L

11. 49er's -- L

12. Cowboys -- W

13. Jax -- W

14. Titan's -- W

15. RedSkins -- L

16. Rams -- L

17. Philly -- L

John Canavera
John Canavera

@Kevin Leifert Just to get the correct info on your Thurmond has been the one shutting down Cruz in practice, not DRC.