Sizing up the 2014 Giants on offense

We’ve been asked to provide a current depth chart of the Giants. Keep in mind, free agency is still ongoing and the draft will certainly shake things as well.

Here is the current state of the offense, depth-wise:


Eli Manning (starter), Curtis Painter, Ryan Nassib: The Giants will carry three QBs again this season unless Nassib can display he’s made significant progress to become the primary backup. Right now, that’s hard to fathom. The trade-up and selection of Nassib last season has been a head-scratcher thus far.

Eli ManningRunning Back

Rashad Jennings (starter), Peyton Hillis, David Wilson, Michael Cox: The Giants didn’t bring Jennings in here to watch. He’s going to get the football and he’s going to get it frequently. Wilson, who may start the season on PUP, will be free to do what he does best: return kicks and serve as a change-up back or third down option.


John Conner, Henry Hynoski, Kendall Gaskins: It seemed clear to most that Conner was the guy, but the club has brought Hynoski back to challenge him in camp. I still say Conner is the guy.

Tight End

Adrien Robinson, Larry Donnell, Daniel Fells: There’s a very good chance none of these guys is the team’s starter come September. The Giants will likely draft or sign a top name this spring. In fact, you can bet on it.

Wide Receiver

Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle (starters), Jerrel Jernigan, Mario Manningham, Kris Adams, Julian Talley, Marcus Harris, Trindon Holliday (KR), Preston Parker: The team likes this group, but there is always room for improvement. Barring Mike Evans falling into their laps in the draft, the Giants will likely wait until the middle rounds to add a WR.


Will Beatty and Justin Pugh (starters), Charles Brown, Stephen Baker, Troy Kropog. A thin group that could be augmented by one or two of the below guards or a draft pick. If Beatty has to start the season on PUP, that thins things out even more. Many see the Giants bringing in a tackle through the draft.


Geoff Schwartz and Chris Snee (starters), John Jerry, James Brewer, Brandon Mosley, Eric Herman, Stephen Goodin: Schwartz solves a lot of the issues the team had at this position. A nice upgrade. If Snee is healthy enough to tough out another year, the Giants appear set. If not, they have experienced options in Jerry, Brewer and Mosley. They are still high on Herman. Goodin has been around the team for three seasons now. He’s played mostly guard, but possibly could be tried at center.


JD Walton, Dallas Reynolds: A lot is riding on the health of Walton, who can be the story of the year if he makes a full comeback. If not, the Giants will have to insert Reynolds or find another option through the draft. They may even convert a player that’s already on their roster, such as Goodin.

Synopsis: The Giants have brought in some bodies to fill holes. Jennings and Schwartz I see as upgrades. Manningham, if healthy, adds depth at WR.  The biggest needs are still TE and center. They also could use another left tackle.

Up next: Defense


Would never happen, but all all offensive draft:

1st - Lewan

2nd - Niklas

3rd - Mason

4th - Stork

Would solve everything but #1 wr. Stork isn't ready either but would be an excellent project

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

De la Puente is still available. Solves a lot of questions on the OLine. I wonder what the issue is at this point.

WR is lacking a true #1. JJ and Randle can't be trusted, and Cruz can't function if he is constantly being doubled or shadowed.

TE is just a disaster waiting to happen.


There has been MANY Defensive FA signed,

to fix a Broken OFFENSE....

the O-LINE, was a DISASTER,

and the ROOT of the 2013 Season Debacle.....

if this is REESE Plan.......

LOT - W. Beatty ??? C, GAMBLE !!! Health Concerns

LOG - G. Schwarts,  A+

C - DJ. Walton ??? D,   GAMBLE !!! Health Concerns

ROG - C. Snee ??? C-, GAMBLE !!! Health Concerns

ROT- J. Pugh, A+

...add in that the NYG's need a  TE......

............................... it NOT a WINNING Formula !!!

F.A. Money, Should have been Spent on a,

Starting CENTER or Starting ROG,

before $3.5M was spent on a 1 Year, SLOT CB....

Why GAMBLE with ELI....

ELI's Season Ending INJURY,

has not been taken Seriously,

.....this is a Bad OMEN


Not long ago, a very similar group was seen as a real strength of this team.  Not so much anymore.  Still way too many questionable players.


@John Fennelly @Lee Hanfling 

Good blocker, versatile, decent hands.  Wouldn't mind to have him as a 3rd TE.  We will not carry 2 FB's but bear can fill in at FB in a pinch.  Plus familiarity with our QB counts for something IMO.  Wouldn't mind getting Brown back either.  Maybe Scott gets signs with the practice squad? 

But John, the prob is and has been OL and I've been saying it for yrs.