Report: NFL Salary Cap could increase by 5 percent

Getting and staying under the salary cap has been an annual struggle for the Giants. It has kept them from becoming major players in free agency in recent years and has also prevented them from retaining some of their own players.

Today, we get some good news on that front. First, Pat Kirwan of CBS reported that the Giants were approximately $10.2 million under the cap with 51 players under contract.

Now comes the news that the NFL may be raising the salary cap by around $7 million. That will will be a godsend for a team such as the Giants, who wish to retain the likes of Justin Tuck and Linval Joseph.

From Michael David Smith of PFT:

As the NFL’s revenues rise, so do the players’ salaries. And the 2014 season will see both the owners and the players getting richer than ever before.

This year’s salary cap is expected to rise to about $130 million per team, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. That’s a 5 percent increase from last year’s cap of $123 million, and it’s good news for teams that are tight on cap space.

Agreed. Teams that never come near capping-out won’t be affected, such as Tampa Bay, but this news will be welcomed with open arms by the Giants and others who are seeking some financial relief this offseason.


being more positive if reese hadn't already figured the increase into the equation then we would have a complaint.



When you read the NEW CBA,

it's Very Clear how the Sal-Cap is attached to TV Revenue $$$...

With the NFL selling THURSDAY NIGHT Games to CBS,

the Sal-Cap increase was AUTOMATIC !!!

Also ANY Sal-Cap fines,

must be Equally distributed between ALL Teams NOT Fined....

this Happened to the CowGirls & RedSkins after the "UN-Capped" Year...

DON'T get Happy !!!!!

this has ALREADY been Factored in by MOST GM's...

REESE has Already spent the Cash.....

Chris Molloy
Chris Molloy

Do you think the Giants need to bring in someone to help Reece and management with the cap?

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

An extra $7 Million would be huge this offseason.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Skookaloop I wouldn't say it's already spent, but no doubt that they have planned financially knowing that there would be an increase.


@John Fennelly @Chris Molloy  

the GIANTs FINANCIAl Whizzes ??!!???!!??

LOOK at the MESS the BOOKs are in....

ZERO Fiscal Responsibility,

"LEVERAGE Foward"...

what kind PLAN is THAT !!!

FIX the BOOKs, NOW,  this Year !!!

--- the 2013 Season Debacle,

was due to an,


caused by Sal-Cap Mis-Management...

a 1st Year CPA, Cake-Walk, TASK...

but the Billion Dollar NYG NFL Team,

CAN'T Keep the BOOKs....

------------BUSH LEAGUE !!!!!

Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon

@SkookaloopYou are always so quick to bash Reese but you never say anything productive, if you know what the team should do then why don't you spell it out? Play GM for a minute and lay out your "master plan", all you ever do is spout out the same lines like a pull string toy "CaP MisMANAGEMENT" "REESE Is BaD" "I LovE Eli"