NFL Draft: Giants down to ‘Magnificent Seven’

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The 2014 NFL Draft is loaded with talented young men and the Giants, selecting 12th overall, are in line to add several of them to their already revamped roster.

Screen shot 2014-05-04 at 7.17.50 AMSince the mock draft season began in earnest after the Super Bowl, experts have mocked over two dozen different names to the Giants. But the facts haven’t changed since last season. The Giants need to upgrade at several positions, mostly on the offensive side of the ball.

So, which players can give the Giants the boost they so desperately need after their first losing season in nearly a decade?

If the Giants can come away with an impact weapon at TE or WR, an offensive tackle who can play immediately and another option to rush the passer this draft will be a success.

In Round One, they could be looking at one of seven players that fits one of these needs. WR Mike Evans of Texas A&M, TE Eric Ebron of North Carolina, WR Odell Beckham, Jr of LSU, OL Zack Martin of Notre Dame, OT Taylor Lewan of Michigan, Pitt DT Aaron Donald and UCLA OLB/DE Anthony Barr.

The buzz is the Giants like Martin over Lewan mainly for his versatility. He is practically a clone of last year’s top pick, Justin Pugh, who blended right last season starting all 16 games. Martin is a safe pick, and the Giants will have the training wheels on early in this draft. Jerry Reese didn’t sound as if he wanted to deal with Lewan and his off-field problems even if they clear up.

Ebron is an excellent big target who can get up the seam and behind the defense. He will help the Giants’ offense spread things out. The problem with Ebron is that he does not project as a complete TE because of his spotty blocking. When he is on the field, defenses will know the Giants are not likely to run the football. Jerry Reese gave his unproven TE group a vote of confidence the other day, so that may indicate he’s not leaning towards taking Ebron.

Evans is a sizable target, too, but evaluators are asking: Is he Vincent Jackson or Ramses Barden? Odds are he’s closer to Jackson, and for that reason he could be snatched up early on in this draft. Evans would take Hakeem Nicks’ role on the offense across the field from Rueben Randle with Victor Cruz in the slot. Whoa, I like the sound of that…

Beckham is a too much like Jerrel Jernigan at a quick glance. He’s got talent, but he would only add depth to the WR group, not sure if he makes them better. I don’t think he’ll be the pick, so I would expound any further on his virtues.

Donald has been mocked by many to the Giants, although he is not necessarily a fit for them and he’s a bit smaller than the average DT. But….he’s got a great motor and can get pressure up the middle. He’s also very durable and highly productive. The Giants have a rotation system at DT, so taking a player that could potentially play only half the snaps doesn’t seem to be a good use of the 12th overall pick in the draft.

Barr is not expected to be a Giant. I like him, though. Ernie Accorsi once said, “You can’t have enough pass rushers”.  If placed solely at DE, Barr can be a productive player and become the insurance the Giants are looking for if JPP doesn’t return to prominence. Defense is still about getting the the passer, and Barr will be able to do that right out of the gate for Big Blue. I would have no problem if they took him, even though he’d likely be a situational player, too.

Of course not all of these seven players will be available when the Giants select. I believe they will play it safe in Round One and take a player that will acclimate quickly and help the club right away. My favorites: Martin and Evans.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

"The Giants have a rotation system at DT, so taking a player that could potentially play only half the snaps doesn’t seem to be a good use of the 12th overall pick in the draft."

John, this statement by you would make sense for typical DT coming out of the draft. However; Donald could be use the same way the Giants used Justin Tuck in this prime...Tuck lined up on the edge and also inside; which created mismatches and as Tom Brady would tell you, cause him a lot of grief...If the Giants do select Donald, I firmly believe this is how they plan on utilizing him.


Evans is far and away #1. But he won't be there.

Martin is getting a lot of late buzz. I could deal with it, but I have a tough time taking a player who at least 50/50 ends up a Guard at #12, highest Giants pick since 04.

I still prefer Donald, Lewan, or HaHa. Sounding like the Gmen may steer away from Lewan. Ebron is overrated but fills a big need. Barr I could deal with.

Who I want:

1. Evans

2. Donald

3. Lewan

4. HaHa

5. Barr

6. Martin

7. Ebron

Who I think they will take: Donald or Martin


I wrote about this before John I think for the Giants there top rated OT are Mathews and Martin. I think they select Martin over Lewan even if Lewan is there because the giants value Versatility even if Lewan has a chance to dominate at LT.  Now if Mathews falls I think they select him over Martin he is another very good and very clean player.  I fail to see any scenario where Evans falls I would love it but I just don't see it.    In fact I see Mathews falling before Evans.  


bpa no matter what side of the ball he plays on, no reaching under any circumstances.


Ok this is the last time I will say this. I mean do any of you do any kind of research. Donald is perfect for Tampa 2 defense which the Giants do not play. GM's have gone on record saying he would "Not" have the same effect playing out of the 3 technique in a Tampa 2. So you want Donald fine draft a bust. His impact will be greatly decreased out of the Tampa 2. 


If Donald or Lewan are there (unlikely for Lewan) they should be our pick. If not time to trade down.

I wouldn't mind taking Martin, but he is going to sit on the bench I till Snee retires (which isn't exactly what you want from your 1st round pick). I don't think he is a great tackle, but has potential to be an all-pro guard in a couple years.

I think we can find decent skill set players in the later rounds, so i really do not want to take a WR or TE in 1st.


WR Mike Evans - Great SkillSet- Great Fit --- WON'T be there at 12...

TE Eric Ebron - He is 250LB's and DOESN'T Block -- NOT a NFL 1st Round Pick....

WR Odell Beckham - 5'11, 198lbs-- CRUZ is bigger than HIM -- NOT a FIT....

OL Zack Martin - the SAFEST Pick (Pugh 2014)-- This is MARA's Pick....

OT Taylor Lewan - Was the NYG's Starting LT for the NEXT 5 Years, Maybe 10 !!!

But, to Save his Job, REESE RISKed a FRANCHISE QB, that Gamble he LOST !!!

with a 5-11 Record, the NYG's would be Picking 8th Before the VIKING, 

Like the FOOTBALL GODs intened it to be...

DT Aaron Donald- REESE's Dream Inside RASSRUSH Machine, Great Fit,

But the GIANTs need a Starting LT....

OLB/DE Anthony Barr. we Should Also add RB, because thats how he Started his College Career...


the RECAP:

1st. LT- T. Lewan was DESTIN for the NYG's... REESE messed with the JuJu...

1st. DT- A. Donald, REESE's Pick....

1st. LT/OG/C- Z. Martin, Mara's Pick...


Nothing against Martin, but I thought Pugh was a reach at #19 last year, and I think Martin (a Pugh clone) would be a reach as well at #12.

When you are selecting that high in a very deep draft, the #12 pick is the equivalent of a Top 10 pick. You HAVE to take players that will be solid contributors right away when picking that high. Martin is not going to displace anyone on Day 1 unless the Giants have a mind to sit Snee on the bench and move either Beatty or Pugh inside. And I certainly don't believe that Z.Martin has the adequate experience to play Center from Day 1 either. If you're going to draft a Center, you're better off waiting until Round 2 or later and drafting Richburg from Col St. or Martin from Southern Cal.  Zach Martin at #12 is a depth pick and overreach, and if there are no impact players available at #12, the Giants should hope to find a trade partner so they can trade down. ANY team picking Martin at #12 is overreaching in my opinion.


@Michael Stewart  ...  I am hoping that is the case, should Reese select Donald. I think Donald is more valuable if he is not strictly used as a DT. Assuming Lewan is not there at #12 when the Giants are on the clock, Donald would be the best pick at that juncture. I would not want to reach for Z.Martin at #12. If the Giants are enamored with him, they are better off trading down a few spots and still end up with him. All this talk about Martin having new found "buzz" is hyperbole -  a smokescreen designed for teams like the Giants who are desperate for a Tackle to get them to reach for a player who is outside of the Top 15 draft prospects. You could trade back to 17 or 18 (Jets) and still end up with Z.Martin. Donald however wouldn't last that long. If the Giants passed on him at #12, he wouldn't fall past the Bears. That just shows you who is REALLY the more sought after prospect.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@bockers This is a very deep draft and the thought of surrendering a pick does not make much sense. Especially when the WR is arguably the deepest of all positions in this draft...There is no chance Reese trades up, more likely he would trade back for an extra pick


@jbob87  ....  I'm in agreement with you that it's not a great idea to be picking a Guard with a pick so high in the draft, which position Z.Martin may ultimately end up playing at. The only Guard recently I would have made an exception for was Chance Warmack, whom the Titans were smart enough to select last year. But there is no Guard in this draft (as yet) that seems to project as well as Warmack. Let someone else reach for projected Guards. We need someone who can make an immediate impact.


@jaymanjay  .... I'd be ecstatic if Matthews fell to the Giants, but I just don't see that happening UNLESS two or three QBs get taken in the Top 10 picks AND teams fall in love with valuing WR's over offensive and defensive linemen. For example, should two of the Rams, Jags, Browns, Raiders want Watkins and Evans, and the Bucs and Vikings settle for a QB, then it's possible one of the teams who wanted Watkins or Evans who didn't get them could overreach for a WR like Beckham or Cooks, or Ebron at TE. Having a player chosen in the Top 10 rated outside of the Top 10 would be a HUGE win for the Giants chances of having someone like Matthews slide down the board. But I'm pretty sure (with the exception of the Raiders) that no team will be dumb enough to do that.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@bleedblue4 To flat out and state that Donald will be a bust is unfounded...You mention about doing research, well have you....Did you review many of the scouting reports or watch this kids highlights, not only during the regular season games. but also in the senior bowl; where he was dominate against most of the players being projected ahead of him....I will not state that Donald will be an All Pro, but you can't state that he will be a bust....without concrete proof.


Clearly I believe he can play out of the Tampa 2 into a regular 43. Others have done it before. There will be growing pains of course, but it's not a huge transition say from going from a 34. It's not like we'd be asking him to play the 5.

If you think it's a problem then obviously you're not a fan of Barr or Mosley either? Donald would be fine in a 43 IMO


@Skookaloop You truly are I your own land. A player is not a fit because of his size? Where did you come up with that thought. I would be the first to rip my jersey off and throw it if they draft Beckham Jr. Not because of size but because I don't trust LSU WR's. I guess Ron Dayne was a better fit then Tiki Barber. I guess Steve Smith wouldn't be a fit either.

Lee Lewin
Lee Lewin

@Skookaloop  Your commment about risking a franchise QB to save his job. Fact is these are pros and they don't play to lose. They go out every week and compete and that goes with Eli whether the teams i 6-10 or 10-6. And for all we know Reese's job wasn't in jeopardy, that's just your opinion. 

Same with Tom Coughlin. If you think for a min he would have listened to Reese to tank the season, he would have laughed in his face. The Giatns don't tank, EVER. 

With that said, you are also wrong about Ebron not being a 1st round pick. However, I'm for Lewan, Evans, or Ebron, whichever is there at 12. 

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@spider43 Agree, Pugh was a reach last season and luckily it has worked out so far...I wouldn't select Martin at #12 as well...If the player or players they want are off the board; hopejully they can trade back and acquire an additional pick.


@spider43 I'm glad you said you think, because in all reality what the heck do you or any one of us truly know. They should trade back unless 1 of 2 players are there. Either Lewan or Evans if they aren't there trade back. Draft Martin if he's gone then Fuller, Benjamin or Mosley. Would be great to have a LB who could go out into coverage.

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

If they truly are locked in on Martin, I suspect Donald will be available at 12 - so they should look to drop down and pick Martin in the later teens and pick up an extra pick or two. Win win



100% Agree on LT/OG/C Z. Martin...

LT Beatty will NOT be Ready to Play Until OCT....

maybe even Later....

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@spider43 @Michael Stewart Agreed...If the players the Giants are truly targeting are not on the board, they need to trade down ( acquire an additional pick, perhaps a 3rd rounder) and go after the next tier of late 1st rounders such as Martin.. This is an extremely deep draft and an additional 3rd rounder could be a vital additional to the Giants depth chart...This team has a ton of holes and having that extra pick will help. I just hope that Reese doesn't become infatuated a CB or S in the 1st round.


@bleedblue4 @Skookaloop  

I'm NOT Looking for a WR to Compete With WR CRUZ in the SLOT....

remember, we are trying to REPLACE WR Nicks....


to Compete with WR Randle, 6'2" 210LB's...

Also, a NFL Safety, weighs in at Around 210LB's - 220LB's....

IMO, a 210LB-220LB WR has Better Durability,

and can take a Little more Punishment from the Safety's,

This is a #1 Pick, i want him Around a While....


@Lee Lewin @Skookaloop  

Why wasn't RG3 Playing ???

Why didn't, QB Alex Smith play for the CHIEF in WEEK 17 ???

Why was QB Peyton Manning, pulled at the END of the 3rd Q ????


Coaches & Front Office's, Sit FRANCHISE QB's to PROTECT them !!!


A 0-6 Team DOESN'T trade a Draft Pick,

to Get a Player ( LB Beason)

who was Being RELEASED by his TEAM , ( PANTHERs) !!!

REESE could of Had Him FOR ZERO !!!

Then REESE Doesn't LOCKDOWN LB Beason,

to a GIANT FRIENDLY 2 Year Contract ???

Instead has the Play, Free Agent Poker,

with a Player who Doesn't have an AGENT !!!

And LOSES, to the PLAYER....



LB John Beason GOT 3 Years, $19million !!!!

He one of the HIGHEST Paid Inside LBer in the League !!!

LB Beason hasn't even Played a FULL Season as a GIANT, (11 Games )

Which the NYG's LOST OVER 50%, of the GAMEs , LB Beason PLAY IN !!!

4 of those 7 Wins, where Against 2nd & 3rd String QB's...

QB Josh Freeman, was only a VIKING for a Few DAYs !!!!

and they Made Him THROW 55 Pass,

when they had AP, to RUN the BALL...

BTW, LB Beason was Displaced by LB CHASE BLACKBURN, SO IRONIC !!!???!!!

I NEVER SAID TANK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it would have Been NFL Caliber Play,

to except a LOST Season,

Play the YOUTH on the Team,

and Find OUT who is going to Be Here Next Year...


for the ROOKIE QB you just spent 2 DRAFT PICKs ON !!!!

Yes, TRADED-UP to get this  QB...

... the Perfect TIME to SEE what He's Got,

Maybe Gin-Up small TRADE Value.....

Thats What TOP FRANCHISEs DO .....................


@bleedblue4 @Skookaloop  

a 0-6 Season Start, Yep ... 100% right.... LOSERs...

7-9 Finish LOOOOOOOOSERs.......

Injuried FRANCHISE QB in Week 17... BIG LOOOOSERs....


@Skookaloop Your a lose if you accept a lost season. It's as simple as that, It's just like when Tom C decided to play the starters the last game of the season. You don't work hard and preach win to throw games.