NFL Draft: Can the Giants’ snare Jake Matthews?

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Charlie Campbell of posted his latest mock draft yesterday. These mocks get more interesting by the day. This one isn’t too bad, especially if the Giants can land Jake Matthews in the first round. But truth be told, we need draft day to get here, pronto. Everyone’s getting a little antsy. Here’s Campbell’s picks and analysis followed by my comments…

Round One: 12. OT Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

Campbell: “The Giants need to get Eli Manning straightened out and re-establish their run game. Thus, the organization continues the rebuilding of its weak offensive line. If New York drafts a left tackle, Will Beatty would move to right tackle and Justin Pugh would slide inside to guard where the team needs some youth. Matthews would be a great value and a big upgrade at left tackle.”

Fennelly: No kidding. Matthews slipping down to No. 12 is something I just can’t fathom. I think he’s way too good a player to drop down this far, but stranger things have happened. Just another scenario of teams at the top making mistakes by taking players way too high, allowing some real quality to slip through. Should this occur, Jerry Reese will be doing cartwheels down Paterson Plank Road.

Round Two: 43. DE/OLB Demarcus Lawrence, Boise State

Campbell: “Lawrence had a slow start to the 2013 season, got red hot in the middle, and then didn’t record a sack in the final four games. Still, he amassed 72 tackles, 20.5 tackles for a loss, 10.5 sacks, one pass batted and three forced fumbles for the year. In a six-game strectch, the junior recorded nine sacks. Lawrence (6-3, 251) needs to add weight to stay at defensive end in the NFL, or he will have to move to outside linebacker. Thus, returning for his senior year would have been a good move and would have given him a better shot at being a first-round pick.”

Fennelly: Don’t know a whole lot about Lawrence, but I do know the Giants have had success with pass rushers named Lawrence in the past. However, there is a lot of buzz both ways right now about this kid. He’s being touted as a “high ceiling” guy and a “tweener”. Uh, oh. I don’t see the Giants taking him simply for those reasons. John Mara would turn a certain shade of red. They’ve gotten burned too often by underclassmen with similar resumes. I think they”ll go with a player who can provide more of an immediate impact here.

Round Three: 74. CB Philip Gaines, Rice

Campbell: “Even though the Giants signed Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, they could use some depth at corner and have shown interest in Gaines….Gaines (6-0, 193) was a star of the Combine and used the opportunity to really help his draft stock. He blistered the 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds and did well in the field drills. The senior had 36 tackles with four interceptions and nine passes broken up in 2013.”

Fennelly: If I were a GM in this league, I would take a secondary player every year with one of my top three picks. They come, they go, they get injured and you just can never have enough. This kid would provide depth and eventually challenge for a larger role. Since the Giants use five DBs on the majority of their defensive snaps, they need fresh legs. No problem with this pick.

David Lopez
David Lopez

Why can't Reese make a bold move and trade up to secure one of those tackles? Let's face it, the Giants are a win now team. Eli isn't getting any younger, was skittish in the pocket last season, and barely had any time to throw the ball.

Reese is playing with fire if he doesn't solidify that Offensive Line.


if a trade is made trade down to get more picks as we have many holes to fill, someone will slide because there are always surprises or over evaluations by some team trying to fit their fav into their particular slot. 

be patient and always take bpa no matter how enticing a player or need may be, honor your board it is sacrosanct, let the other guy reach and reap the benefits.


1st. OT/OG/C- Z. Martin

2nd. C- W. Richburg

3rd. WR- D. Moncrief / WR- M. Bryant

4th. RB- C. Sims

5th. DT

5c. S

6. WR


First  let me say I would be jumping up and down if Mathews fell into the giants lap.  However, I just don't see that happening although stupidity has taken GM's on draft night.  To me Mathews and Martin are the safest selection with Mathews being just bigger and having more upside at a more critical position.  

Second,  The question is how have the giants evaluated the tackles in the draft.  Do they think Mathews is by far the best guy.  Is he by far better than Martin?  That the key question.  For a dominant OT that's a reason to trade up.  But the giants would most certainly have to give up a 2nd rounder either in this years or the next years draft.  They would have to move up to probably 6th to make sure Mathews is there.  To put it simply the 12 pick is would 1200 points and the 6th pick is worth 1600 that's a 400 point gap.  the giants have the 44th selection in the second which is worth 460 points so the trade would be a swap of 1st rounder the giants would give up their second rounder and the falcons I believe would hand over a 4th or 5 round selection to narrow the gap.  

Third, So lets say that deal goes down the giants hand over a second round pick in this draft to the falcons for the falcons 6th pick and an extra 4th round pick I believe the Falcons have an extra late 4th that adds up the value.  

So the giants draft would start with:

1rd: Jake Mathews 

3rd: 4th: 4th:5th:5th:6th: 

I would do this trade given how good Mathews is and how deep this draft is, but I don't trust Reese in later rounds to select good value and not a bunch of busts.  However, I would take the risk that in this draft Reese will make better selections since his job is on the line.  I would trade away the second for Mathews and hammer this draft in the 4th and 5th rounds. I also think the giants could trade Nassib and get another 5th or 6th round and take another QB project with more upside.    

Here is what my Mock would look like with this trade:

1st: Jake Mathews OT

3rd: Keith McGill CB

4th: Travis Swanson C

4th: Daniel McCullers DT 

5th: L'Damian Washington WR

5th: Logan Thomas QB

6th: Seantrel Henderson OT


1st. Jake Mathews OT 

If you need to give up a second I would he is that good and the best all around OT the draft.  

3rd. Kieth McGill CB

McGill is a 6"3 Cb with great speed for his size.  He fits the mold of a Richard Sherman.  Fact is Prince is in a show me stage and you can never have enough CB.  Worse case he could slide over to Safety and add more debt.  

4th Travis Swanson C

The way Reese was talking around who plays center tells me that this position will be addressed sooner rather than later.  If we are talking about getting bigger on the line Swanson is the guy at 6"5 312 at center.  

4th Daniel McCullers DT

This guys a load at 6"7 352 can you say younger Canty? sure we have Hankins but if you put this guys next to hankins you wont get much pass rush up the middle but no one will be running up the middle I can tell you that.  Stopping the run has always been a huge part of the giants game plan.  Let Hankins and Cullers eat up two blockers a piece and let the DE's scoop up the sacks.  

5th:  L'Damian Washington WR

Here is you big really fast receiver who has issues, but not something that cannot be coached like route running.  This guy seems to have the athletic gifts to be a steal at this point.  At 6"4 195 and ran a 4.38 40 yrd dash.   He has the speed to get up field in a hurry and spread the field for Eli.  

5th: Logan Thomas QB

way more upside than Nassib and with a powerful arm and athletic gifts. This guy just needs more coaching and maturing.  He could do that under Eli.  

6th: Seantrel Henderson OT

This is when you can take risks.  Henderson is one of those guys who if he had the focus would be a 1st rounder.  He also failed his drug test at the combine and it was not the first time.  so there are some red flags but the talent is awesome.  f this pick works out you could plug Mathews in at LT and Henderson at RT. Start Swanson at center and move Pugh inside to guard.  You might have another super bowl winning Offensive line for ten years.  Worth the risk for a 6th rounder.  


Didn't take a TE.  I think Reese has more confidence in his TE than we do and wants to give them a shot.  Could have taken a DE but the value was better at other positions with higher need the same can be said for RB.  

SNYGiants moderator

@David Lopez  Don't know if the Giants have the pieces to trade up into the top five.

David Lopez
David Lopez

There's an obvious need on the offensive line. Accorsi traded up for Eli Manning when Collins was a serviceable QB for the franchise and moved up for Jeremy Shockey as well although both weren't needs.

Yes, Reese tries to remain true to his board, but at this point, it's paramount to keep Eli healthy with him aging.

Trading up for either Matthews or Lewan makes perfect sense. Either one can step in from Day One and make an immediate impact for this team. Both have higher first round grades than the two tackles drafted last year (Luke Joekel, and Eric Fisher, who went #1).

Waiting on developmental players has gotten Reese into trouble and I have serious reservations as to whether maintaining the status quo is in the best interest of the franchise considering that the teams Reese has put together have missed the playoffs 4 of the past 5 seasons.

David Lopez
David Lopez

I really like the Matthews and Swanson picks.

David Lopez
David Lopez

I like your line of thinking, but if I were Reese, I would attempt to offer next year's second round pick instead considering that this draft is so deep.

Major Pain 0303
Major Pain 0303

@jaymanjay  I like it but I can't see trading up. They are going to get a very good player at 12 regardless. Now if Jake falls to say 10 and he hasn't been drafted yet I can see trading up to snare him. This team has too many holes and guys on 1 yr contracts to give up important cheap players like 2nd round picks.

David Lopez
David Lopez

I don't envision Reese moving up to draft Greg Robinson, but if Matthews or Lewan fall into the bottom half of the top ten (like 8-9), I really feel he should make a move and trade up for one of them.