NFC East: McAdoo hiring comes just in time for Giants

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The Giants were forced to make changes after their offense of the past decade got shipwrecked in 2013. It was painful to watch but let’s face it, couldn’t have come at a better time. They would have had to make changes no matter what.

The hiring of Ben McAdoo doesn’t exactly put the Giants out in front offensively these days. It simply helps them keep pace.

The NFC East has suddenly become a hotbed of offensive thinking. The Eagles and Chip Kelly bent the ear of the entire league with their fast-paced attack. He turned the Eagles into division winners last year and is developing QB Nick Foles into prominent passer.

Washington hired Cincinnati offensive coordinator Jay Gruden as head coach this offseason. He is considered one of the game’s best QB whisperers. He has two of the NFL’s top young ones in RGIII and Kirk Cousins.

Dallas, frustrated with Jason Garrett’s offense, retained him as head coach but will be handing the playcalling over to others. The team already has Bill Callahan in-house and has added Scott Linehan as their “passing game coordinator.” Linehan was most recently with Detroit, where the passing attack was among the NFL’s best. His presence should lift the productivity of QB Tony Romo and WR Dez Bryant.

The Giants needed someone like McAdoo to thrust them into the fray. Offenses in the division promise to be high-powered and up-tempo. The Giants are solidifying their plan. Now all they have to do is put some faces to the key positions they need on offense.

The only constants are QB Eli Manning, OL Justin Pugh and WRs Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle. Open positions to be filled include TE, OG, RB and WR. The quest to put faces to those needs begins next Tuesday, when the free agency period opens.


revamping the o was the obvious move to make and keeping beason is another good choice rather than having to replace him.

the fans are knowledgeable enough to be patient as long as they see legitimate improvement and roster movement that is aimed at rebuilding in a positive direction.

lets do this the right way and not make temporary improvements that will just come back in a couple years and start the process all over again.

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

Asamoah, Saffold and Mack...bye bye Snee and Baas. OLine is fixed and young enough that you don't have to worry about it for 3-4 years.

Draft Mike Evans at 12 and Troy Niklas in round 2. Use the 3rd round pick on a RB. Use the rest of the draft on Defense.

Yup, it's that easy!!


Just in TIME for the GIANTS ???!!!??? for what ???


1st.  MacAdoo has NEVER been a OC....

so ONLY Time will TELL ...... New doesn't Mean BETTER !!!

2nd.  The Broken GM is still here,  like you said,

the GIANTs need a Lot of OFFENSIVE Players,

a STARTing OG, TE, RB, WR and i would add, OC & a back-up LOT,

doesn't, OT W. Beatty have a broken Leg ?!?!?!?

Now the DEFENSIVE needs-

2 CB's , 1 MLB'er,  2 OLB'er, 1 DE , 1 DT.......

and when you read the NYG are $19M under the cap,

thats not with a full ROSTER, and there will be $6M of DEAD Money...

A LOT of work to DO ....

Jason Merrick
Jason Merrick

I think it's safe to say that despite his poor showing last year, Will Beatty is the other 'constant' next year. Too much money and frankly I don't think they were ready to give up on him yet anyway. He gets another chance to re-establish himself as a solid, if unspectacular, OT.

John Fennelly
John Fennelly

@Skookaloop  Quick question: name one other GM who has 2 SB rings over the past 7 years? 

Answer: Nobody.

No matter what Reese does you aren't satisfied. The whole league is broken. Just pick any other team in the league and you will find they have similar problems.

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

He's definitely a constant in the starting lineup. He just may not be in the same position. The question with Beatty is will he be their LT or RT.


@John Fennelly @Skookaloop  

With that Standard...

KillDrive has 2 SuperBowl Rings...

Thats your Defense ?1? LOL...

It about Performance---


a Balanced ROSTER....

He has To Many Draft Misses,

OVER Paying F.A,

worthless Project Players....


Not Doing His Job....

Let TOO Many Positions get EMPTY...

We should Have 3-4 Super Bowls....

Thats what YOU can't See....