It’s not all bad news, Giant fans

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Beating up on the Giants’ starting offense is becoming a parlor game here and although it’s worrisome, it’s also getting tiresome. It’s not all bad at QDTC these days. There are some good things that came out of this camp and preseason, such as….

1. The RBs are beasts. No matter who carries the ball for Big Blue, they are going to give you your money’s worth. Rashad Jennings. Andre Williams and Peyton Hillis are all big, tough, strong bodies that will keep the Giants’ offense afloat until the passing game sorts out their shortcomings.

2. Hey, we got some LBs. Jon Beason (foot) didn’t play a snap in preseason but the LB corp didn’t seem to miss him much. Jameel McClain was a gift in FA this spring and he has been nothing less than solid. Whoever scouted Devon Kennard should get a promotion. He got it right, big time.  Jacquian Williams and Spencer Paysinger are both healthy and played like demons this summer.

3. Damontre Moore. When Moore is on the field, he’s hard to miss. Look for the ball and you will find him. While everyone is focusing on JPP, Damonster (as he is known) will be the one stirring things up on the defense. I’m predicting a double-digit sack season for Moore in 2014.

4. The offensive line. Yes, the Achilles heel of the Giants’ roster. Had Geoff Schwartz not gotten hurt, the Giants’ offensive line would actually be a strength now.  The Giants have practically run the ball at will this summer. They still need to get the protection schemes down, but I’m pleased with how the club has transitioned the line after saying goodbye to David Baas, Kevin Boothe, Chris Snee and David Diehl. Justin Pugh is becoming a solid pro. Has anyone seen Brandon Mosley, JD Walton and Weston Richburg play? No? Maybe these pundits who keep banging on the O-Line should shut up and watch them play for once.

5. Ryan Nassib. The traded up for Nassib in the 2013 draft. What a waste. Uh, wait a minute. A new OC comes through the door and Nassib suddenly blossoms into the Giants’ primary backup. Who would have thought that he would grasp Ben McAdoo’s system faster than Eli Manning would?

6. Who is this Corey Washington and how did the Giants’ get him? The short answer is: who cares, just sit back and enjoy the show. Washington had a breakout summer and has given the Giants depth during the long wait for first round pick Odell Beckham, Jr. to make his Giants’ debut.


Watching them play the Texas is like seeing a first year expansion team bad real bad

Richard George Novotny III
Richard George Novotny III

At Tight End, maybe they can pick up Rob Housler from the Cardinals if he gets cut? Hear he's a physical specimen in a pass-first mindset.

Chris Molloy
Chris Molloy

It doesn't look good. Steel the 1st game in Detroit and that will relive some of the stress on the offense 



You live in a FOOL's Paradise.....


How REESE's 1st ROUND, RB Draft Pick Doing ???

RB Jennings A+, RB Williams A+...

RB Hillis, cost effective, but has a problem staying Health...

RB Gaskins, WILL be on the 53.....

....if he isn't, this would be a HUGE Mistake !!!!!!


REESE trading a Draft Pick for LB Beason,

During a  ZERO win PANIC, to a 1 year deal,

when the Panthers where going to RELEASE him anyway,

REESE could have got him for NOTHING,

is Very Bad Management,

then to OVER PAY, ( AGENTLESS) LB Beason as a TOP 5 MLB,


REESE's POOR SAL-CAP Management,

 was the cause of the LB situation...

#3. JJP who ?????? JPP still a BUST !!!!!

GO DaMonster..... GO !!!!

#4. The O-LINE

LT Lewan ?!?!?!? O-Lineman Z. Martin ?!?!?!?!?

these are Huge Mistakes the NYG's will be paying for, for YEARs !!!!!!

SS ROLLE makes more than the 5 Starting O-Lineman ???

CB DRC makes more than the 5 Starting O-Lineman ???

does ROSTER BALANCE mean anything to YOU ?!?!?!?!?

#5. QB Nassib---

So You think QB Nassib playing DB,

ALL 2013 Season was the PERFECT Way to Coach-Up,

a Back-Up QB....

And Now he is a BETTER SYSTEM Fit than ELI....

perhaps YOUR worst WRITING EVER !!!!!!!

You should be RETIRED......

#6. WR C. Washington---

and YES !!!! it Does FREAK'N Matter,

 how the GIANTS ACQUIRED HIM !!!!!

it shows that a UDFA can OUT PERFORM ALL of the,

" the BEST SCOUTing Department in the NFL "

WR's of Choices....

the NYG's Scouting Dept. is BUSH LEAGUE at Best....

#7. A QB's Best Friend is the TE,

you think REESE could or would FIND ELI a BFF ??!!??!!

NOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and the QUOTE " 2013 BROKEN OFFENSE "


the O-LINE !!!!!




Your LAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the 2014 NYG's will be 7-9 and MISS the PLAY-OFF's....

REESE should have been FIRED LAST YEAR !!!!!

the GIANTS will SUCK with REESE controlling the ROSTER...

a PURE Waste of ELI's Golden Years !!!!!!!


It's pretty damn sad when our 2 time SB MVP QB and starting WRs and TEs can not be looked as a positive for our team.  This screams way more than the positives that came out of pre season.  I hope this is just a rusty start more than a glimpse into a long year. 


"Who would have thought that he would grasp Ben McAdoo’s system faster than Eli Manning would?"

I was thinking about this exact thing last night during the game, but after thinking about it, it probably makes some sense that Nassib would get the system faster than Eli.  Nassib is a young player with only 1 year as a pro, most of which was spent on the practice squad.  He doesn't have 10 years as a pro with one offense engrained in his mind like Eli.  Nassib is like a blank canvas of sorts.  Where Eli has played one way his entire career.  Most of the old offense was just second nature to him.  For Eli to learn a completely new offense it probably also involves unlearning the old offense and breaking old habits as well as learning the new things.  Nassib isn't dealing with that. 


Not really sure how anyone can be happy with the O-line.  Next week, the defense will stack the box and the Giants won't be able to run, and no one will respect the passing game enough to make any difference.  Let Nassib do something against a first string defense and then talk.

The worst thing that happened last season was the string of games against QBs that didn't belong in the league inflating the Giants' win total by 2 games and moving them down in the draft.

Major Pain 0303
Major Pain 0303

No one wants to answer my tweet on this subject but from what I am seeing the strength of this offensive line is run blocking. They are young and athletic and can move. Jennings, Hillis, and Williams can pound the rock. The other strength is going to be the defense. Once Beason comes back this week I think they can dominate games. So why not, until the passing games comes around, play eh hem....ground and pound. Its boring but run run run. Have Eli be a game manager until they all get in sync and then slowly open up the playbook. Play action pass, no mistakes, pound the rock. Grind games down to a halt. If they can win a few early games like that maybe the passing offense will have time to get on the same page. Thoughts?

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

One issue with Corey Washington is he hasn't done any of his outstanding work this preseason with Eli at QB. So who knows if they'll be on the same page if he gets a shot to play with the big boys when it counts. That's been a major issue with Eli and nearly every other WR.

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

just run the ball and don't let Eli pass under any condition.

Joseph R. Gannascoli
Joseph R. Gannascoli

outstanding johnny, hyno was the fb till injury, I like connor so its ok. gaskins may be the 4 th. te still and issue, but the may sign one


Skook.... You are the man.u should be in the giants front office. You have all the answers... How is it that you have not been discovered yet???

Major Pain 0303
Major Pain 0303

Can ya lay off Odell plz. Sammy Watkins first wife out taken may miss games due to broken ribs. Injures happen ok. If he's healthy and doesn't produce then kill them on it until then leave him alone.


@hashburry Why does Nassib have to do it against first stringers before we talk?  No one is saying he should start or is going to be a future franchise QB.  All that was said was that he earned the backup job.  You don't need to torch first string defenses to earn a backup job.  Most backup QBs can't do that, which is why they are backups. 


@hashburry @Major Pain 0303 Marshawn Lynch ran for 1,200+ yards last year, you don't think that helped Seattle's offense?  Frank Gore has run for around 1,200 yards the last 3 seasons.  You don't think that's big a big part of Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers offense?


@cj1786 @hashburry @Major Pain 0303 And what do those two teams have in common?  One of the top defenses in the league.  Without that, they would have been no where because they couldn't score.  Yes a great running game helps but if you don't have even a decent passing game, a good defense will just stack the box on you.  So either our passing game better get fixed and fast or we better pray our defense becomes number 1 real quick.  

Major Pain 0303
Major Pain 0303

Right and I'm not saying the Giants defense is that good not many are but they are certainly good enough to keep them in games. I'm not saying this is their future either. I'm just saying for the first few weeks or so until they get their passing game back in order it would keep them from losing games.