JPP said this weekend, "I feel like I’m at, I’d say, 75%" and is pain-free.

Is JPP back? The signs are there…

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Giants’ DE Jason Pierre-Paul has gone on an odyssey of sorts since his Pro Bowl season of 2011 when he recorded 16.5 sacks. Injuries to his back and shoulder have reduced the former wunderkind to just a shell of his former self.

But after sinking to unforeseen depths the past two years (only 8.5 sacks in 27 games), JPP is crowing that he’s ready to return to superhero status.

“My mind. I’m 110 percent. I’m not worried about anything,” JPP said last week. “My main goal is to start the season off healthy, which I am, get some preseason games in and play some football. I feel like I’ve been out for a year.”

He’s say he feels better than he has since the end of the 2012 season.

“I came here for minicamp (last year) and I felt terrible and then that’s when I had to go get surgery. That was a long time. Three years ago, right? But now I’m back and ready to go. I’m ready. It is what it is.”

I can personally tell you that he’s in great spirits and health, looking very much like the spry youngster that did all those backflips The beat writers and fans who have shown up have taken notice as well.

From Rotoworld: Per reporter Conor Orr, JPP looks a “lot quicker off the edge.” That’s an absolute must for a team counting on Pierre-Paul to revive what was one of the league’s most anemic pass rushes last season. Heading into the final year of his rookie contract, JPP is still only 25, and supposedly back to 100 percent health.

A healthy JPP would do wonders for the Giants’ suddenly anemic pass rush. Combined with a possible breakout season from Damontre Moore and career-saving performances by Mathias Kiwanuka and Robert Ayers, the Giants could get back to prominence.

Ramell Thornton
Ramell Thornton

JPP needs to be a problem this year... A minimum of 10 sacks is the only measurable that he will be judged. He's to talented not to have a monster year since he's supposed to be our best defensive player. As a giants fan.. I hope he succeeds

Serge Marinkovic
Serge Marinkovic

Hey what's up with JPP hey you know me

Hey what's up with JPP hey you know me


With-Out, OSI & Tuck,

JPP is a Bust,

he has NEVER been in FOOTBALL Shape, NEVER....

Talk is Cheap, JPP Talks ALOT.....

Bottom Line,

JPP Lacks Football Intelligence....

not really his Fault,

he PLAYED Very Lillle College Football,

He runs around the Field, like a Lost Spas....

DE Robert Ayers is 3X Player,

and will be here next Year, JPP wont....


@Skookaloop I respectfully disagree.  He hasn't been bad, he just hasn't played at the 2011 level.  Although the pass-rush has not been there for the last couple of seasons, he has still played the run well.  Having Osi did not effect JPP's on-field play very much because they play the same position and were not on the field at the same time.  At the time, JPP played most downs because he is a more complete player than Osi, while Osi played mostly on obvious passing downs.  Tuck has not been elite in several years.  His sack numbers are inflated by a couple of good games against inferior lineman.  JPP was often double-teamed.  Also, it has been well documented that he has been hampered by pretty significant injuries.  

As statistical support, this is from PFF, written in April of this year:  

"Jason Pierre-Paul, DE (15th overall pick in 2010): A quiet rookie year made way to a huge sophomore season that helped the Giants win the big one. JPP might not be a premiere pass rusher, but it’s his ability on every down that has made him one of the best defensive ends in the league. Career PFF numbers read 3,101 snaps and a fantastic +59.6 grade."

A little more research and a little less spiteful criticism may help your arguments in the future.  


@Skookaloop  What JPP were you watching in 2011. He was a monster and never have I seen a DE ever go back down the field and hit anybody carrying the ball. Unbelievable you have to actually turn around to do that and mauled whomever had the ball.

Also pretty good game against Dallas that year, I guess you must have missed that game Skookaloop.

Yes you're right JPP had limited playing experience coming out of college which makes his 2011 year so much more impressive.

JPP has great football instincts and smarts watch out world JPP coming to get u !!!!