Giants void contracts of Webster and Myers

The bloodletting has begun. Yesterday, the Giants voided the contracts of CB Corey Webster and TE Brandon Myers. From Ebenezer Samuel of the Daily News:

“Two of the most disappointing players in the Giants’ disappointing 2013 season are officially no longer with the team.

On Friday, tight end Brandon Myers and corner Corey Webster saw their deals automatically voided. Myers had signed a four-year deal with the Giants last season with three voidable years. Webster, meanwhile, had one voidable year remaining on his contract. Those deals voided at 4 p.m. Friday.

The Giants had little reason to bring either player back. Myers arrived with plenty of promise, but he struggled throughout the season, catching just 47 passes for 522 yards, and he may forever be known for the pass he didn’t catch in Chicago, when Eli Manning’s deep throw was just out of his reach, resulting in an interception and sealing the sixth loss of the Giants’ 0-6 start to the year. “

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Webster only played in four games last year. His status was dubious all season, suffering from an ankle and a hip before being placed on IR in December with a groin injury.  His departure is no surprise to anyone, as he is basically finished at this point.

Myers was not the prototypical Giants’ TE and could not fill the role in the manner that Martellus Bennett and Jake Ballard had in previous seasons. With a new offensive system being installed, Myers will not fit in again this season. So off he goes…


REESE over paid  C. Web, for 2 years...

i think C. Web was going to make $8M last year,

But, agreed to, ONLY make $4M last year,

when NO other Team in the LEAGUE would have paid him $2M...

so $1M per GAME in the 2013 season,

great managing REESE....

BTW, Mr.F---

How do you even know what the NEW GIANTS Offense looks like ???,

TE Myers could FIT into the NEW System,

plays could be designed for him...

and after Last year, he could be Inked, on the Cheap,

given a  2nd YEAR with ELI, a NEW SYSTEM,

maybe some Chemistry could GROW,

like with WR J. Jernigan, it only took a few GAME's !!!

He was Very Good in OakTown...

Well,  NO Surprise ....

REESE's  TE Carnival continues, for a 5th YEAR !!!

This is No-Way to build Offensive Chemistry....

Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon

This seemed like a pretty good move, from what i've seen it looks like the dead money number for Webster is $1.25 mil and Myers right around $1.1 mil, looks like right now in dead money total the giants have $2,778,141, last year when it was all said and done the number was a little over $9 mil

Nick Correa
Nick Correa

Hey John, so all in all, how much cap space do we gain by these moves and how much are we on the hook for??


@Skookaloop  It "only" took Jernigan a few games? He's been here for 3 years and was a Reese draft pick. Why the change in heart, Skook?

Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon

@Skookaloop Myers would've been on the books for $4.25 mil this season, then we would've heard you crying "REESE is PaYIng MYErs $4.25 Mil!?!?!?!?!?!?

                                      "He DID NothIng LaST SEASoN!?!?!?!?!??!"

                                        "WhY Is REESE PaYING HiM???????"

                                        "CaP MISmANAGEmenT...REESE BaD REESE BaD!!!!"


@Brian Bannon  ...  I don't say this with a great sense of confidence, but I was under the impression that both Webster and Myers had voidable years for 2014. If a player has voidable years written into their contracts, then I'm not sure how that amounts to a cap hit for this year. Basically, the idea of a voidable year is an incentive to the player to hit the free agent market sooner. That being the case, I don't know why the Giants would take a cap hit for 2014 and be stuck with any dead money for these players that just got cut. If I'm wrong about that, I hope someone can give me some feedback on this.

Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon

@spider43 From what i gather it was a 4 yr $14.25 million dollar deal with 3 voidable years, his cap hit in 2013 was a very friendly $1.125 mil, he had a signing bonus of $1.5 million spread out over 4 years, now since he isn't gonna be here next year the Giants are still on the hook for the rest of his signing bonus which he hasn't got yet