Giants unlikely to make run at D’Qwell

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

It happens every year at this time. A veteran player becomes a cap casualty and is suddenly a hot commodity. Such is the case of LB D’Qwell Jackson, who was released by the Cleveland Browns yesterday.

According to Mike Wilkening of Pro Football Talk, plenty of teams are lining up to take Jackson’s temperature:

He’s played all 16 games in the last three seasons, recording at least 118 tackles in all three campaigns. He has experience in 3-4 and 4-3 fronts. Moreover, he has experience adjusting to new schemes and coaches, given all the turnover he endured in Cleveland, where he played for four different head coaches. What’s more, Cleveland’s consistent organizational churn could help him in free agency, given all of the former Browns staffers working for other clubs. A team captain in Cleveland, Jackson should quickly fit into any defense and locker room he enters.

Wilkening cites there’s a downside to Jackson that may keep teams away. His age (30) and his size (6’0″, 240lbs) could work against him.

Teams that are expected to take a serious look at Jackson are: Denver, Tennessee, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, New England, Baltimore, Washington and Oakland.

What about the Giants, you ask?

Currently. the team is angling on bringing back Jon Beason, who Jerry Reese has indicated will reach free agency. Jackson is a productive player the Giants could surely use but it’s unlikely they will throw their hat in the ring with so many potential suitors already in the mix. They are looking for low-risk, high-reward options to fill needs this offseason. The only positions they may make an exception for are along the offensive line.



just because there are a lot of "hats in the ring" is not reason it ignore  Jackson. You can always call his people, flatter them inquire if there is mutual interest.  

Interesting that Cleveland would release him when they have NO cap issues at all….then again it's Cleveland.  

Reese and co have to do the due-diligence and at least see what he wants. 

Eamonn Scollan
Eamonn Scollan

Tired of this lightning in a bottle crap in recent years.