Giants show they got miles to go in hollow win over Pats

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The Giants wanted to give their struggling first team offense one more chance to straighten themselves out in the final preseason game vs New England Thursday night.

It didn’t happen. The timing and tentativeness was still prevalent as QB Eli Manning and his receivers continued to be on different pages. Manning was just 1-for-4 for zero yards and didn’t look good doing it.

The Giants’ first unit played two series. They ran a total of eight plays, managing to gain only 23 net yards and one first down against the Patriots’ backup defense. They won the game, 16-13, to finish the preseason undefeated but accomplished very little on offense in the process.

Head coach Tom Coughlin is growing weary of the starting offense’s inability to play cohesively.

“I thought the worst play of the night was, again, the misconnection between Rueben Randle and Eli. “I thought, he thought” – one of those kinds of things. We’re all – everyone in this room – is tired of hearing that stuff. There’s no place for that.”

He was asked why the starters played only two series.

“If they wanted to play more, they should’ve made some first downs and stayed out there,” he said.

Injuries: WR Mario Manningham (calf); FB Henry Hynoski (shoulder). Hynoski apparently injured the same shoulder he fractured last year that caused him to miss the entire 2013 season.

“I heard him say that he thought it was some kind of cuff injury or something of that nature,” Coughlin said. “But the official pronouncement from the medical team, I didn’t hear.”

This clouds the FB situation. The Giants were likely going to keep Hynoski and waive John Conner, but that probably won’t happen now.

Manningham was on the roster bubble coming into the game, and since he did not get a chance to make his case last night, will likely be among the players cut on Saturday.

Did not play: WR Odell Beckham, Jr., WR Trindon Holliday, CB Prince Amukamara, LB Jon Beason, LB Mark Herzlich, T Charles Brown, T James Brewer, G Geoff Schwartz, G Brandon Mosley and DT 78 Markus Kuhn.

Weston Richburg started at LG in place of Schwartz and John Jerry was at RG for Mosley. Walter Thurmond III started at RCB in place of Prince.

Final roster cuts are due Saturday by 4pm.

Factoid: The Giants finished with an undefeated preseason record for the first time since they were 4-0 in 2006. They last had a perfect preseason of more than four games in 1985, when they were 5-0. The Giants qualified for the playoffs in each of those seasons.


I really don't get Coughlin's "growing weary" and being "frustrated" with the rookies hammy.  Isn' it the FO's job to bring in legitimate talent and the coaching staff's job to get them playing well?  

The Giants are going to get motorboated at the beginning of the season.  Their new offense in no way matches up with the strengths (not that there are many) of the players.  Reese is gone after this season, and we will soon be looking longingly at Eli's success when he is pushed to the side.

Major Pain 0303
Major Pain 0303

No one wants to answer my tweet on this subject but from what I am seeing the strength of this offensive line is run blocking. They are young and athletic and can move. Jennings, Hillis, and Williams can pound the rock. The other strength is going to be the defense. Once Beason comes back this week I think they can dominate games. So why not, until the passing games comes around, play eh hem....ground and pound. Its boring but run run run. Have Eli be a game manager until they all get in sync and then slowly open up the playbook. Play action pass, no mistakes, pound the rock. Grind games down to a halt. If they can win a few early games like that maybe the passing offense will have time to get on the same page. Thoughts?


@Major Pain 0303 ....  Smart teams will catch on to that strategy. The Giants running game may be improved, but it's still dependent on the OLine executing properly, which is something they haven't done consistently since last season. Teams playing against the Giants will simply "load  the box" to stuff the run, which means we're back to relying on Eli and the offense to get out of their passing game doldrums. I can almost guarantee you that every team in the league at  this point in time will try to make the Giants beat them with their passing game, because that is the one part of their offense that has proven to be subpar time and time again so far.