Giants or Jets: Who will have a better 2014?

Nothing to do around here except to look forward to next season. The Jets are coming off an 8-8 campaign, which ended in celebration and a commitment to Rex Ryan as head coach.

The Giants finished 7-9 after starting the year 0-6. They were thisclose to blowing things up. Instead, they remodeled their offensive coaching staff.

LoudMouths Adam Schein and Sal Licata ask who will have a better season next year, the New York Jets or New York Giants.


The Jets were -90 Points for vs Points against and had a weak schedule and managed to end up 8-8.

They were lucky in couple of games.

Against a tougher schedule they will be 7-9.  Maybe 6-10 or maybe 8-8, but no better.  They have no offense unless they draft a couple of Jerry Rice clones.  And their OLine isn't all that good.

If the GIants get a good performance from their Oline, they are at least 8-8 and can be better.

(the Beason trade worked out great)


i would add that a d that had no support what so ever from an o that was at best broken if not completely incompetent from the play calling to the execution.

eli led the league for the third time in interceptions and he gets a pass every time, its time he was called out for not holding up his end and quit scapegoating every other part of the team as the problem.

eli needs to man up and start acting like a leader and not be the golden boy of ny who is beyond criticism.

tyree & manningham aren't here anymore to make the miraculous catch and turn the mvp award over to another qb.



You act as if, because the Season is OVER,

they get to Start ALL NEW & FRESH...

REESE's 1 year Contract BandWagon,

coupled with his BAD CONTRACT signing,

and PISS POOR SAL-CAP, NON-Management,

has CRIPPLE the NYG's....

Forward Progress will be a SHAM....

the Defense is what's Really Broken,

and the PLAN is........ FIX ELI ??!!??!!??!!??

if your Car has a Flat tire,

you don't put Gas in the CAR to FIX it....

the NYG's have NOT fixed the PROBLEM !!!

the CLOWN as the GM is the ROOT of ALL NYG's PROBLEMS...


I think the Giants will have a better year.  Being the class organization they are, there's not much competition with the Junior Varsity (Jets).

Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon

@Skookaloop Your "flat tire no gas" analogy you keep using clearly hasn't landed so maybe it's time to hang it up, you keep talking about this "broken defense", this defense ranked in the top 10 in fewest yds allowed all season, fewest passing yds per game, a defense that intercepted more passes than any other team in the entire league, a defense that was tied for 1st in forced fumbles recovered, where was the team last? In giveaway/takeaway differential, and who was a very big part of that? Eli was, i'm a fan of Eli, he had a down year for sure, but your constant bitching about Reese being the issue and Eli being a victim is downright idiotic, your Giants theories and keyboard have something in common: they're both broken, nobody is asking you to be a fan of the Giants, you don't like what Reese is doing then cheer for another team, i'm sure this fan base will find a way to carry on without you, i can jump on here AnD TYpe LIKE ThiS if people really miss it, but if you truly are a Giants fan (which i doubt) then take the good with the bad, if you want you can cheer for the other team that has won a super bowl in each of the last 4 decades...oh wait, there isn't another one.


@Brian Bannon @Skookaloop  

the NYG's ,

are Bad because REESE didn't put together a Winning Roster...

Because of REESE's Choices and HIS direction for the TEAM,

we went 0-6, and  finished 7-9,

****PLUS gave up a DRAFT PICK....

this was EZ to see coming,

When REESE gives up 2 DRAFT picks,

for a QB that will NEVER PLAY,

and will TAKE-UP a ROSTER SPOT on the 53, ALL YEAR !!!

the GIANTs Beat MOSTLY teams with 2nd or 3rd String QB's,


was only there 4 Days !!!!

So the GIANTs are really a 4-12 Team, TOPs.....


  REESE was NOT doing his Job...


Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon

@Skookaloop Beason was well worth a 7th rd pick so stop whining about that, clearly you have no football knowledge at all, Reese is all about value, Nassib was considered at one point a top 10 pick that Jerry grabbed 3 rounds later, as far as this "BAd CaP MaNaGeMeNt" you cry about the Giants as of now will have right around 9.2 million before and cap casualties, teams like the Patriots, Niners, Seahawks, Steelers and Saints all have less cap room than the Giants, Reese's direction with this team made them a super bowl winner just a couple years ago, i can think of 10 teams that would kill for 7-9 to be a "down season" like it was for the G-Men this year,cry all you want about "REESE"but he's done a great job with this team, this roster and the draft, feel free to throw on a Seahawks cap and go to one of their forums saying "ShERman CaN'T PlaY CORner!?!?!?!?" and "SchNEIdEr Has MISmAnaGED The CAP!!!!!!-----"