Giants open up free agency by looking to bolster defense

This week is supposed to be the week the Giants begin to fill in the blanks in their new offense, but according to SNYGiants insider Ralph Vacchiano, the Giants have only shown interest in two defensive free agents: Ravens’ DE Arthur Jones and Tennessee CB Alterraun Verner.  

The 25-year-old Verner would fill a big one (hole). With Corey Webster unlikely to be re-signed, and Terrell Thomas a free agent, the Giants need a corner to play opposite Prince Amukamara. The 5-10, 187-pound Verner is known for his physical play and had five interceptions last season. Meanwhile, the 6-3, 315-pound Jones was a 3-4 end in Baltimore who could replace free agent Linval Joseph at defensive tackle for the Giants.

Fennelly: I said corner was a sore spot, and with the Seahawks setting the new boiler late with physical DBs, the Giants would be wise to look into players like Verner. He’ll be expensive, though. Jones will have several suitors, too, but by making an early volley in his direction, the Giants are sending messages that they aren’t as solid on the D-line as we may think.

Giants free agent safety Ryan Mundy raised some eyebrows with his play in 2013. The Chicago Bears could be a new landing place for him unless he returns  to the Giants or goes back to Pittsburgh. From Rotoworld:

Mundy is a third safety/special teams type and wouldn’t cure Chicago’s deep safety woes alongside Chris Conte. Bears GM Phil Emery is also said to have reached out to the player reps for free agent S Mike Mitchell.

Fennelly: Would hate to lose Mundy, but the secondary is kind of crowded right now. The Giants intend on bringing Stevie Brown back and they still have Antrel Rolle and Will Hill and are high on second-year player Cooper Taylor.


o sells tickets d wins champ that's fb 101 in a nutshell, anyone that doesn't know that the o was the problem last year is either ignorant or biased and neither is something to hang your hat on.


Kinda funny how the OFFENSE is BROKEN,

and they START Fixing the DEFENSE 1st ???!!!???

Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon

Seems like that DT money it would take to bring in Brown would be better spent bringing Linval back, as far as Verner is concerned it's cool Reese is looking at him as an option, but by the end of day 1 someone will have made him a very rich man and i doubt it's gonna be the Giants


CB Verner at 5'10, 186 pounds is NOT a NFC, CB,

we all ready have CB J,Hosley-----


that Has Played NFC BIG WR's,

should be looked at 1st,

The NFL's about how YOU MATCH-UP,

this is what a NYG CB,

will MATCH-UP Against-----

WR D.Byant 6'2" 225lbs

WR M. Austin 6'2" 216lbs 

WR P. Garcon, 6' 212lbs

WR R.Copper 6'3" 222lbs

WR J.Maclin 6' 200lbs

WR B.Marshall 6'4" 230lbs

WR A.Jeffery 6'3" 215lbs

WR A.Boldin 6'1" 220lbs

WR M.Crabtree 6'1" 215lbs

WR C.Johnson 6'5" 235lbs

WR J.Nelson 6'1" 217lbs

WR J.Boykin 6'2" 218lbs

WR J.Jones 6'3" 220lbs

WR R.White 6'1" 210lbs

WR M.Colston 6'4" 225lbs

WR R.Meachem 6'2" 215lbs

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

Why did you just list all of Prince's assignments?


@Peter Sinapi  

Except for the REDSKINs & LIONs,

i Listed 2 WR's from these TEAMs

Cowboy's - Eagle's - GreenBay - ATL - Saints:

How can CB Prince Cover 2 Guys,

when he as problems with just 1 ???

these TEAMs, ALL have 1 WR 6'2"plus &  1 WR 6' or More....