Giants’ Offensive Line: In trouble or just in transition?

With Chris Snee retiring, Will Beatty recovering from a broken leg and a new center yet TBD, the Giants’ offensive line is in transition. But are they ‘in trouble’?

Perhaps, but GM Jerry Reese has planned well this past offseason in case the worst case scenario came to pass.

Their two constants are solid ones: RT Justin Pugh and LG Geoff Schwartz. The other three positions will be filled this summer.

There will be a bevy of players vying for Snee’s RG spot (Brandon Mosley, John Jerry and rookie Weston Richburg), Veteran free agent Charles Brown will step in for Beatty until Beatty can show he’s 100% and veteran free agent JD Walton will get the nod at center unless he is unseated by the rookie Richburg.

LoudMouths Chris Carlin and Eamon McAnaney talk about Chris Snee retiring and the impact it will have on the Giants’ offensive line this season.

Richard George Novotny III
Richard George Novotny III

In transition. Going from a dominant unit, to a frail, beaten and mess of a unit the past few years and then back again takes time. 

I'm confident the line will look much better 2 years from now if Richburg pans out (O'hara was a big piece of those dominant lines).

Reese (Or Whoever Headlines Big Blue Next) just need to keep prioritizing linemen (Minimum 1 per draft, within the first 3 rounds). So long as he does that, the Giants will return to offensive supremacy.