Giants being patient on subject of extending Eli

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The Giants without Eli Manning? Whoa. It could happen, and sooner than we think. Yes, the Giants love Eli and they’ve won two championships with him but all good things eventually come to an end.

Brother Peyton parted ways with the Colts, as did the godly John Unitas. Brett Favre left Green Bay. The Rams let Kurt Warner walk. Even the legendary Joes – Montana and Namath – finished their careers wearing foreign colors.

It is unfathomable to think the same fate could await Eli. Or is it? From Rotoworld:’s Dan Graziano expects the Giants to wait until after the 2014 season to give Eli Manning a contract extension.
Extending Manning now could potentially give the Giants more financial flexibility, but there’s little reason for them to do a new deal at this point. Manning is coming off a 27-interception season and currently signed through 2015. The Giants want Manning to prove he’s not in decline before making a decision on whether to extend him next offseason.

Bingo. We’ve been saying this for awhile now. Eli gets a pass for last season. The Giants were a broken down mess in 2013 with Eli himself eventually succumbing to injury, so we’ll write it off.

2014 is going be different, however. Eli has all new coaches, a new playbook that features his strengths and new, fresher personnel around him. There will be no excuses should he fail to take the Giants to the postseason this year. The Giants are willing to endure financial pain now (Eli has a $20.4 million cap number this season) rather than extend a player at a premium who may be on the downside of his career.

Again, the decision to trade up to draft Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib in the fourth round last April looms large. Last season, Nassib was basically redshirted by the Giants. He got nary a sniff at playing time. He wasn’t even practicing at QB during workouts, being used as a safety and special teams player most of the time.

This year, the Giants, should they not get bowled over by a trade offer, will develop Nassib as their next quarterback. He will learn the new Giant way under OC Ben McAdoo and QB coach Danny Langsdorf. And then, when 2015 comes around, the Giants will make the decision about their future at the QB position. 


New fresh players around him?  Really?  Who would that be?  Some marginal new offensive linemen.  A running back that may or may not be much better than what they dad?  No new TE, or even a holdover TE that can catch the ball.  I must have missed that day of free agency when the offense was improved.

Eli is tough and it in my mind his greatest attribute is that he shows up every week.  He was a perfect fit for the Giants but when the team is not really solid at O-Line and receiver, he is terrible.  I am sure as fans we will miss him sorely when he is gone, but at the very least, if they resign him, it can not be at the cap killing numbers he has been paid during the last contract.  Also, if he doesn't perform at a much higher level this year, it really is time to look for a more dynamic replacement.



the GIANTS let ELI Down,

by REESE signing 29, 1 Year Contracts....

Failure of FeWells ZONE Defense,

Zero RB depth,

Zero TE depth,

Zero O-Line Depth,

Zero LB Depth,

Over Spending on FA, C BAAS , C-Web & many More...

Projects Players that Never Reached REESE's Vision....

Missed 1st rounders like DE JPP & RB D. Wilson....

MANAGEMENT PISSed the Sal-Cap Away !!!



I  don't think they should extend his  contract unless he does a great job on 2014. No player should hold the team hostage for an extended contract  beyond his age bracket although I think he will do good as long as the people around him are good .

Dan Waters
Dan Waters

The guys won us 2 Super Bowls! He can stay as long as he wants in my mind. Coughlin too!


the time to plan for the future at qb is before you get desperate and have to make a move from a position of weakness.

eli's bad year might have been an aberration or it might predict the future, he has led the league in interceptions before and has responded well so only time will tell.


Even if he does bounce back it's all about the money. Unless you have a top 3 qb, they aren't worth 20 million dollars. When you field a team of 53, you can't spend 18% of the salary cap on one player. Unfortunately for players, contracts are about how you are going to perform in the future - not what you have done in the past. Even with the youth movement I would be fine with Eli for another 4 years (assuming 2014 isn't a repeat of 2013). The problem is he is worth about $12-14 million not 20.


If that was the case, there would be 40 something year old players out on the field. In football you do what's best for the team, not the player. Has he earned our gratitude? Of course. Does that mean he can hold the team hostage? Nope. As JF pointed out in the original article, there were far greater QBs who were forced out the door.

SNYGiants moderator

@mcfly  Depends on how he performs this season. If he takes them deep into the postseason, his value bounces back up