Friday Morning Notes: Giants moving forward

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Giants’ head coach Tom Coughlin isn’t buying into the dim and dire forecasts for his offensively-challenged ballclub. He’s business-as-usual and more professional than ever, focused on the task at hand.

“As we get ready to play the Detroit Lions in our opener, we’re excited,” Coughlin said at his weekly presser yesterday. “This is our Wednesday as you well know, our first day of the week when we’re on the field. The Detroit Lions had a good preseason; they were 3-1, they played three very good, close games, which is good. Again, indicating the depth is there. They have a new coach, Jim Caldwell, at the helm in Detroit and with new coaches, new coordinators, we have spent a lot of time trying to study and predict, but here we go. So we’re excited about it.”

The Giants will be going into the mouth of the lion, so to speak. Detroit’s Ford Field is renowned for it’s noise level. The Giants’ makeshift offensive line might struggle with that. Coughlin said the team was prepared for the conditions.

“Hopefully we can do well with that. We will have, right away, an issue indoors with the excitement of the first game and Monday night and all of that stuff to deal with. Hopefully our guys will settle in.”

Coughlin was asked his opinion on newly-signed OL Adam Snyder:

“He’ll he a good, solid offensive lineman; a veteran offensive lineman that’s played in a lot of big games. Has versatility. We’ll have to work some of those things out as to where. He’ll probably have to play more than one position, to be honest with you.”

Will Snyder be available for Monday night?

“Sure, why not? He’s a veteran,” the coach said.

OC Ben McAdoo will be calling his first regular-season game on Monday. Coughlin spoke about how autonomous McAdoo will be this week.

“If he needs any help, I am there. I have been a playcaller. I’ll be honest with you, I never liked anybody interrupting me,” the coach said. “If I need to say something, I will. Let’s put it that way.”

And what about QB Eli Manning, who everyone and their grandmother is writing off as dead? Coughlin said Eli is motivated to rebound this season.

“No,” said Coughlin when asked if Eli has to prove himself to him. “And he doesn’t have to verbalize it to me either. I just look at his face. He’s focused, he’s focused, he’s focused. It is serious business for him.”

GEICO SportsNite: Eli Manning and the Giants discuss their expectations for the upcoming season and the areas they are looking to improve upon.

Injury Front

Not participating in practice Thursday: WR Odell Beckham, Jr. (hamstring), OL James Brewer (back) and DT Markus Kuhn (ankle).

Limited in practice Thursday: LB Jon Beason (foot), OT Charles Brown (shoulder) and OL Brandon Mosley (back).

Beason is on track to play on Monday, but the amount of snaps he will see is still unknown. Mosley will likely be a gametime decision. If Mosley can’t go, John Jerry will get the start at RG.


........ This is REESE's answer to HELP ELI ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

LT- Will Beatty --- the worst LT in the League last Season, 16 sacks

LT- Charles Brown --- a Weak Back-Up at best, still INJURED 

LG- Weston Richburg --- Rookie

LG- Adam Snyder --- the Worse Pass Protector on the 49er's

C- JD Walton --- Has not played in 1.5 Seasons

C- Dallas Reynolds --- 3rd String at best

RG- John Jerry --- ???

RG- Brandon Mosely --- Bad Back, Still INJURED

RT- Justin Pugh --- A+ rookie Season, can't do it ALONE

........ This is REESE's answer to HELP ELI ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Still Paying:

C- Baas, signed through 2015, DEAD MONEY =  $6,450,000

RG- Snee,  signed through 2014, DEAD MONEY =  $4,500,00

.........................SAD  SAD   SAD


@Skookaloop I'm not looking to defend Reese because he neglected the O-Line for too many years, But you can't overlook Geoff Schwartz, who was legitimately one of the best O-Linemen available during the off season. If hadn't had the freak dislocated toe, he'd probably be our best offensive lineman heading into the season, and we'd be talking about whether Richburg should replace Mosely at the other guard slot or Walton at center.