Don’t expect Giants to re-sign many of their offensive UFAs

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The Giants have eight offensive unrestricted free agents preparing to hit the open market come next Tuesday. With the emphasis on starting anew on offense, here’s how I see the team approaching these players:

QB Curtis Painter – With Ryan Nassib ready to make forward strides, it makes little sense for the Giants to carry three QBs again this season. Good luck to him. David Carr should never have been cut in favor of Painter to begin with. If anything, the Giants should re-acquire Carr.

RBs Andre Brown and Peyton Hillis – If I had my way, I’d make offers to both. Low ones. The Giants want Brown back, but they won’t want to overpay him nor do they fully trust him. Hillis probably won’t get many offers and he could be on that “second or third wave” of free agent signings Jerry Reese alluded to. The guy proved he has some value. However, the Giants need some stability in their backfield and will seek a reliable veteran in free agency.

TEs Bear Pascoe and Brandon Myers – Pascoe is more likely to return, but he really hasn’t established himself as a receiver. The Giants want their TEs to be viable receiving options going forward. Myers was a bad fit in the old offense and doesn’t seem to fit in the new one, either. The team will be looking for new blood here.

OL Kevin Boothe – Never say never. Boothe has been counted out time and time again and yet he has proven to be a steady performer. If he’s still around in June, and the Giants have some room for him, don’t be surprised if he’s back in camp this summer.

WRs Louis Murphy and Hakeem Nicks – The Giants will probably not pursue Murphy, who did practically nothing for them in 2013. Nicks, as you know, will be seeking a pot of gold in free agency, and he just might get it. It just won’t be from the Giants, that’s all.


@GiantsTalkLine I think Brown, Pascoe , Boothe will re-sign with the Giants next season. The other 5 probrarly won't come back.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

Among the names you've listed above, I can only see Brown and Boothe returning. Andre Brown if only at the right price and Boothe because he will come cheap and he can play multiple positions on the OL.