Happy New Year from SNYGiants and Big Blue Blitz

Happy New Year from Big Blue Blitz and the SNY.tv family. Live well and prosper. Let’s hope 2014 ends batter than 2013 did.

We’ll be keeping everyone abreast regarding the happenings at QDTC, where the Giants will be conducting their season-ending evaluations over the next few weeks.

What to expect….

To be frank, no one is sure what will happen. The consensus is that Tom Coughlin’s will be extended if that is his desire. Another outcome is that Coughlin will balk at dismissing his coordinators and decide to leave.

The Giants will have some hard decisions to make on personnel in general. That entails everything from the draft war room to the strength and conditioning program to the parking attendants. That starts this week.

Over the next week, we’ll get into more specifics on what moves could be made and when.


most likely the ownership will make only enough changes necessary to keep the fans happy. 

why change everything that is needed when you have a loyal fan base and all seats are sold, that's been the history of the jints going back to the 50's and i see no reason why they would change now regardless of their disgust with the 2013 results.


So TC will be extended if that is "his" desire, so ownership is leaving it in his hands to decide what is best for this franchise going forward, they better not keep all the coordinators just to make TC happy. If TC doesn't like that they want to change the coordinators than say "bye bye" to TC.. no reason to go into another season with the same coaches, it isn't working anymore, this team needs a new philosophy on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. This isn't about trying to get back to being a .500 team, this is about winning the super bowl and this current group isn't getting the job done. I think Reese should go as well, his drafting has gone down hill in recent years and he has lacked in acquiring what the team needs as well (LB/RB/OL....)... time for a fresh start all around for the Giants, at least that is what I would do if I was the owner of the team (just feels like the time to begin a new). 



I know what HAPPENS ---

it's the same Story as 2013---

1st. MANAGING is about FIXing PROBLEMS,

Not a fixing BLAME.

REESE is the Problem... BAD Management... PISS POOR.

2nd. BLAMing, ELI's  Sal-Cap #'s or TC, Old Ways or KILLDRIVE Play calling,

has ZERO to do with this UNBALANCED ROSTER Selection.

3rd. Mara Keeping REESE ,will NOT fair well for the NYG's.

4th. As fans we're DOOMed,

to watch REESE Drive this ONCE great TEAM into the GROUND.

5th. REESE Managed to take a Top 5 O-Line,

and NEGLECTED it into this SACK laden Music Chair Mess.

6th. He IGNORED the RB's & LBer's, until we where hosting Mid-Season Try outs.

where another mistake was made. RB J. DWYER of Pitt should has been signed as a Younge RB with a Future.

7th. Trading a Draft Pick, for LB Beason, on a HALF Season Contract.

on a 0-6 Team, that could only hurt your 2014 Draft Slot,

makes NO Sense ?!?!?!?

and is 110% Detrimental to the NYG's Future !!!!

With REESE NYG's 2014--- 7-9