Will Loss of Welker Direct Pats’ Attention Towards Cruz?

With All-Pro slot receiver Wes Welker moving on to Denver, Tom Brady loses one of his most reliable and prolific weapons. Knowing the Patriots they will not take this hit lying down.

New England will be looking for a viable replacement. With many of the top free agent WRs off the market, will Bill Belichick and Bob Kraft turn their attention towards Giants’ RFA WR Victor Cruz?

Probably not, but the Patriots are franchise that is not afraid to make bold strokes. They could make a run at the Rams’ Danny Amendola, or trade up in the draft, but rumors have him going back to St. Louis.

The Patriots own the 29th overall selection in the draft (a pick they could surely part with fro the right reasons) but the market for slot receivers is proving to be not as lucrative as it was originally thought this week, so a No.1 may be too much for any team to surrender right now.

Welker’s deal is for two years, $12 million. If the Pats’ offer for Welker were below that, they may be looking more towards Amendola or Julian Edelman. Cruz is looking for top dollar, so this doesn’t appear to be a good fit.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

UPDATE….7:24 pm: The Pats signed Danny Amendola tonight to a¬†five-year, $31 million contract. So much for this conversation….