NFL Draft: Reese, Giants Need to ‘Corner’ the Market

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

There are two things teams must be able to do in order to make a championship run. On offense, you must be able to pass at will. On defense, you have to be able to defend that pass.

The Giants can throw the football with the best of them. QB Eli Manning already has two Super Bowl rings and is in his prime. He has a cadre of talented receivers who can perplex defenses as well as electrify crowds.

What the Giants don’t do well is cover their opponents’ receivers. They don’t do that well at all. They were downright awful against the pass last year. When the pass rush doesn’t get home, we saw how ugly the underbelly of the Giants’ defense can be.

This offseason it’s obvious to us that they need to upgrade their coverage. That means two things must happen: DC Perry Fewell has to get away from his benevolent coverage scheme, and the Giants have to bring in some fresh faces that can lock down most NFL receivers.

With the NFL Draft just four days away, they are presented with a golden opportunity to begin making those changes.

From Paul Schwartz of the The Post:

There always is a desire to put as many capable cornerbacks on the team as possible. Corey Webster, a steady player and starter on two Super Bowl defenses, slumped badly in 2012 and returns only because he agreed to a cut in pay. If the Giants deem someone such as Desmond Trufant from Washington as a top prospect at corner, they will take him.

I agree, but don’t stop there. Go get at least two other corners before they fold up the chairs at Radio City on Saturday night.

Trufant, Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro and/or Florida State’s Xavier Rhodes should all be high on the Giants’ shopping list Thursday evening. Jerry Reese and Marc Ross to beef up their porous secondary this week.

Ernie Accorsi used to say that you can never have enough pass rushers. The game has changed since Ernie left in 2006. The new rule of thumb for NFL defenses is you can never have enough cover corners….