Week 15 Staff Prediction: Close game on tap?

The Giants have been locking up the best rushers in the league this season and now will face Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch, who is currently fifth in the NFL with 1,042 yards. On defense, the Seahawks sport the league’s top pass defense.

Vegas has made Seattle 7-point favorites and the over/under is a very moderate 41 1/2.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

I don’t expect a who lot of scoring, so the OU looks pretty much in line. The Seahawks are a lock to win at home, but on the road they have lost twice and in several games, had difficulty scoring.  That doesn’t mean they won’t come in and trounce the turnover-prone Giants.

New York’s struggling passing game will have it’s hands full trying to move the ball through the air against the very physical Seattle secondary.  The Giants need to establish the run early and score first (something they haven’t done lately) in order to have a chance in this game. They also have to play a clean game turnover-wise and limit penalties. Don’t see them doing that. They’re just not playing at the Seahawks’ level right now. Few teams are. Seattle 20, Giants 10.


Jim Mancari, Contributor

Even I’m not picking the Giants this week, and I pick them every week.

With any playoff hope officially squashed, I’m not expecting the Giants to show up this game. The Seahawks have already clinched a playoff berth, but a win over the Giants would get Seattle closer to its goal of the No. 1 seed.

If the Giants had trouble last weekend against the Chargers’ defense, they are doomed against Seattle’s top-ranked defense. As for the Giants’ defense, good luck trying to contain the dynamic Russell Wilson.

What I hope is that the game is not a laugher like last week. Sure, the team’s chances of the playoffs are done, but since a top draft pick is likely out the window as well, hopefully Big Blue has a bit of dignity in ending the season, especially with only two home games left.

This is where some of the younger guys who factor into next year’s plans can get their feet wet, and what better way than facing arguably the best team in football? Please just don’t get embarrassed…again! Seahawks 27, Giants 17



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"HAWKs run Wild on the FeWell SYSTEM,  ALL DAY !!!

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Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

If the Giants only lose by 10pts as you both have predicted, I will be the first to congrats both of you. I don't see that happening as the Giants are a mess and the Seahawks are strong in every facet. What I see is a game that the Seahawks dominate the Giants from the 2 qtr on. Giants will start the game with excitement and will make it close, but only in the 1st qtr. final score would most likely be:

Seahawks 31

Giants 14