Tom: Gilbride was not the fall guy

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin appeared on WFAN with Mike Francesa yesterday and reiterated that OC Kevin Gilbride did indeed retire and was not forced out by the team.


“To think that there’s any one individual who is responsible for the circumstances that we found ourselves in, that’s crazy. Kevin Gilbride is an excellent football coach, he’s an excellent teacher and communicator. His players do respond to him. He works very, very hard at his trade … He has made his mark on this organization.”

Coughlin also said he was willing to fight CEO John Mara over firing Gilbride, had the OC not retired. That aside, he is confident the team can get back into contention, but changes are needed and it will take some hard work.

“I would hope that the entire organization senses what John Mara said the other day, and everybody’s up on their toes…Do we have to change things? Sure. We’ve gotta get some things back in perspective and in order and start doing things with the execution and the efficiency that we’ve had here. And I believe we can do it.”

As for finding a new offensive coordinator, Coughlin said he was still compiling the list of candidates. We know former assistant Mike Sullivan is on the short list, but is he really what the Giants need?

Many feel hiring Sullivan will change little. He is practically a carbon copy of Gilbride. The Giants need to not only hire someone with a fresh approach, but upgrade at at least four positions: center, tight end, running back and guard.

If Nicks leaves, the Giants may be in the market for a top WR, too. A lot of work needed here, folks. Maybe more than can be solved over jut one offseason….


if Mike Sullivan gets the gig and as you said he is a carbon copy of Gilbride that would tell you that Coughlin was being honest saying Gilbride was not the problem. 

I agree with most of what Hashburry says below except I do think that Reese is competent and the Giants can turn it around faster than many think.

They have a LOT of work to do this off season


What are these guys supposed to say?  "We will not contend for years!" 

There is no evidence that the Giants will be a good team next year.  They are lacking in talent and depth.  They need to turn over way more bodies over the next few years and Reese needs to rethink his talent evaluating process.

I also think there is more to the offensive problems than coaching.  I am not sure Eli is the right QB to run an offense that emulates the quick strike short passing options that say Breese or Payton do.  He is just not quick enough (not sure how to explain this, whether it is physical or mental).  So, without a stout O-line to give him time, Eli becomes a detriment.  He needs to throw the ball downfield, and without time, it doesn't matter if his receivers can or can't get open.  And to drone on, without a running game that is also part of the O-line failure, there is no need to keep the safeties up.

In addition, the defense was horrible for most of the year and the pass rush showing up late in the year may only lead to bringing back old and damaged players that will again fail out of the gate.




in the 1st,  4 games of 2013;ELI threw 1,148 yds & was SACKED 14 times !!!

in the next 4 games ELI threw 1,019 yds & was SACKED 5 times...

in the next 4 games ELI threw 593 yds & was SACKED 9 times...

in the next 4 games ELI threw 1,058 yds & was SACKED 11 times... 

2012 Season--3,948yds & 19 Sacks...

2011 Season --4,933yds & 28 Sacks...

2011 Play-Offs-- 1,219yds & 11 Sacks...

2010 Season-- 4,002yds & 16 Sacks...

2009 Season-- 4,021yds & 30 Sacks...


I'm not sure how I feel about the likely hire of Sullivan.   On one hand, bringing in a guy who knows Coughlin, etc.. makes sense.  We're not in rebuilding mode.  But on the other hand, bringing in a OC with a totally different game plan could work out.  

The bottom line, obviously, is that upgrades on the offensive line, at RB and at TE will most likely make any OC look better. 


TC should be the fall guy and retire because no good OC is going to work for his concervative planning.


@ReneNYK1 whaaaat? The Giants offense is NOT conservative. If anything Eli was too big a risk taker this season. 

The old saying (and I believe a good one) is football games are won and lost upfront.

The success of your offensive line and defensive fronts dictate your success.  Out OL was decimated almost from the start of the season. By the end the Giants were practically signing guys off the street to block for Eli.  You can't win or even run an offense that way….as proven by this season.


@ReneNYK1 coughlin is far from conservative. did you watch the giants under parcells and ron ehrhardt?