Tom Coughlin Post-Practice Comments 8.2.13

Tomorrow’s practice has been moved up to 1:00pm and will end by 3, assumably to accommodate the Giant entourage’s trip to Canton to honor Bill Parcells.

Sunday’s workout is closed to the public and Monday is player’s day off. Today was perfect weather and the Giants finally got to practice in full pads.

“It’s a nice day outside, beautiful day. Had the pads on, had a little 9 on 7. It went okay, but you can see we have a lot of work to do. The majority of the day was more of a third down type of a day. The first group had a pretty good two minute drill. The defense really did make a couple of plays, but we’ve got a ways to go with that phase of it,” said Tom Coughlin.

He was asked if he normally would do goal line on the first day of pads:

“Have you been watching us the last few years? Last time we ran a goal line, I lost a linebacker and a running back. We’ve been practicing short yardage and goal line, really since the spring. But the live part of it we haven’t done yet, if we’re going to.”


WR Hakeem Nicks (groin) sat out practice again and doctors are keeping him out until Tuesday.

“That’s what it sounds like,” said Tom Coughlin. “That’s the plan. Hopefully that’s going to, the doctor thought he’d make it back for Tuesday.”

CB Corey Webster also missed today’s workout. He strained his groin yesterday and will miss a few days according to Tom Coughlin.

Rookie OL Justin Pugh did not participate in drills today. He incurred a blow to the head on Thursday and now must pass the required tests before resuming practice.

“Webster says he feels pretty good. He did feel a little strain in the groin area, so they’re going to do what they have to so that it doesn’t turn into something,” revealed Coughlin. “It’s difficult, so he’s got some downtime. Pugh took a shot in the head yesterday. He had a headache this morning, so he’s going through the (concussion) protocol.”

Other Stuff

Could you talk about the running back tandem of Brown and Wilson and the potential that they bring to the table?
A: Well, they both have playing experience. They both are talented. Obviously Brown is bigger. He’s fast, he does catch the ball well out of the backfield. David is a big threat for a big play any time he touches it. Kickoff return, catching a ball out of the backfield, making a great cut down the field. They are an explosive duo and hopefully we’re going to give them some opportunities to get in the open field. There’s great competition for the third spot. Sometimes we’ve played three guys around here. We’re always looking.

Also with Brown, could you talk about his perseverance and him putting himself in a position where he’s valuable?
A: Well, his perfect perseverance. The injury, actually losing almost a whole year, going elsewhere, and then us bringing him back here and the way that he showed us last year when we needed him. He stepped up, first of all, in that Carolina game. He’s ground it out. He’s been grinding away and he’s certainly earned the opportunity that he’s gotten here and I hope he takes full advantage of it.

Has Michael Cox done anything to impress you?
A: Yeah, he’s done a few things. He’s done some nice things on special teams. He’s done some pretty good things on kickoff returns and today in 9 on 7 he had a couple good runs.

Kiwanuka was saying he’s happy just settling in, being at one position. Do you see a reflection of that out here?
A: Sure, absolutely. Just the way he carries himself. He’s worked very hard and it looks like his confidence level is way up there because he’s got his hand on the ground. I know he’s enjoying it. It’s going to benefit all of us, him moving back to end.

Is there always going to be a temptation with him …?
A: The more you can do. Hopefully that won’t be the case, but never say never.