Tisch: Tebow-Jets ‘Was Not in Anyone’s Best Interest’

The guerrilla-style media entity TmZ caught up with Giants’ co-owner Steve Tisch as he was getting into his car in LA this weekend. Tisch believes that LB Aaron Curry could become a “game-changer” for the Giants. In an unfair question about Tim Tebow, Tisch responded by taking the high road….

From TmZ.com:

The New York Jets DESTROYED any chance Tim Tebow had to be a successful QB in the NFL … this according to NY Giants co-owner Steve Tisch.

“I think him going from the Broncos to the Jets was not in anybody’s best interest,” Tisch told TMZ on his way out of Dan Tana’s in L.A. Sunday night.

“Had another team picked him up after the Broncos, maybe he’d have a career.”

AW SNAP!!!!!

So where will Tim end up? Tisch says Timmy should ignore the offers from the Lingerie Football League and focus on getting back into the NFL … at least for now.