The Giants’ relationship with Eli will continue to be expensive

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

If you’re expecting the Giants to walk away from Eli Manning during his darkest hour, think again. The team sinks or swims with Eli. He deserves to play out his career here – or the better part of it, anyway.

But at what price? Right now, Eli is in the final stages of his last extension. Unfortunately for the Giants, his cap hits the next two seasons of are the balloon variety: $20.4 mil in ’14 and $19.75 mil in ’15. In order to save money and cap space, the Giants will almost certainly have to tear that deal up and offer him a more cap-friendly one so they can concentrate on retooling their sorry roster.

Bill Barnwell of explores the unthinkable, the Giants parting ways with Eli Manning:

“There are two years to go on Manning’s current deal after the 2013 campaign, and they’ll be expensive. In 2014, Manning will take up $20.9 million of the Giants’ cap, or about 16.5 percent of the projected $126.3 million ceiling all by himself. That figure falls slightly to $19.8 million in 2015, after which Manning would become an unrestricted free agent. Because that signing bonus has been mostly covered by now, getting rid of Manning wouldn’t be cost-prohibitive. In fact, it would save the Giants a lot of money. The Giants would save $13.4 million on their cap in 2014 by trading or releasing Manning, a figure that would rise to $17.5 million in 2015. They wouldn’t have a quarterback, of course, but that hasn’t really been much of a help this year, anyway.”

Unlikely because the Giants’ ownership is locked into Eli for the long term. He has led them to two championships and CEO John Mara has a long memory. He’s also got deep pockets.

SNYGiants insider Ralph Vacchiano says the Giants are going to give Eli that extension.

“He didn’t all of a sudden forget about how to play quarterback,” Mara added. “Every time he takes the field he’s the only guy walking out there who’s a two-time Super Bowl MVP — which I’ve reminded him of a couple of times. You have to believe that he’s going to play well. And listen, for a quarterback to play well all the other pieces have to be moving in the right direction also.”

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