Reese Using All Talent Streams to Keep Giants Competitive

Many have voiced their displeasure over Jerry Reese’s recent drafts, but the facts speak for themselves. His Giants have had as much success – if not more – than any of the league’s 32 franchises over the past six seasons. The below article was sent to us by Gary Thomas of Football

As though NY Giants SVP & General Manager (Head of Football Operations) Jerry Reese, needs Gary Thomas to defend him, his resume speaks volumes for itself!

Much of the published talk recently, and social media criticisms, have centered around the choices made by Reese and his staff during the recent 2013 Draft, some have even called it “Jerry Reese’s worst draft” (hard to figure when not one player selected by any team has actually played even one snap at the pro level!) Contributor Michael Stewart had this to say “Historically, GM Jerry Reese has had a successful track record as the Giants’ GM on draft day, so why should this draft be any different. Unfortunately for some unknown reason that I still can’t grasp, Jerry Reese just might have set the Giants back with his selections” 

For anyone that questions any of Jerry Reese’s decisions, before they play out, they should look no further than Reese’s Bio on the NY Giants web-site.

“Jerry Reese is in his sixth season as the Giants’ Senior Vice President and General Manager. Reese is one of the most successful general managers in the NFL. His first five seasons as head of the franchise’s football operations included victories in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI, a 49-31 regular season record and an 8-1 postseason mark. During his tenure the Giants have won two NFC East championships, earned three postseason berths and have finished .500 or better in every season.”

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