Only a shake-up can wake up these blundering Giants

It does not take much to get Andy Furman of Ultimate NYG go on a rant. Yesterday’s game was right in his wheelhouse: a blowout that exposed the Giants for what they are: a bad team that appears to be getting worse as time unfolds. From Andy….

Last week the Giants got their (Super Bowl) clock cleaned by SD, losing 37-13. This week they lost again by a similar margin, only this time it was a shutout, 23-0.

“Pathetic,” said Tom Coughlin of his offense’s performance. The frequenters of this NY Giants blog have company in their assessment of that unit this year, and it comes from the head coach himself. At least we can respect TC for being forthright and honest.

In the first quarter we tweeted: “It is hard to imagine how (the) SEA defense allows NYG offense m/any pts today.” Given that the Giants had one lonely drive past midfield that ended with an INT in the endzone, this outcome was not too surprising. Justin Tuck set the tone early in the week, noting that anything less than a strong effort would likely lead to an “embarrassing” result. And that it was.

Embarrassing. For Coughlin, December seems to deliver his fair share of embarrassment. The Giants have played hard for TC, but versus competent teams like SD and SEA, we find out again that the team is swimming naked when the tide goes out.

Before the game started, there was an assessment of Coughlin. This one came from Giants nobility in the form of Lawrence Taylor: “Tom Coughlin has done wonders for the Giants. Personally, I don’t know if I could play for him, but the guy is a winner, he is a fighter. But I think it is time for him to take his talents on the road. He’s done all he can do for the Giants. If he wants to coach, I think he needs to take his philosophies to another team.”

Back to the latest ugliness, Seattle’s defense shut down the Giants offense soundly. Before garbage time ensued late in Q4, the Giants Offense conducted 11 drives of an AVERAGE of 3 plays per drive. 11 drives, 35 plays:


This is called getting completely shut down. It felt like that metaphor from the first 6 games, Giants 1970’s football. Men vs boys.

Eli Manning threw 4 INTs (the hail mary at the end of H1 does not count beyond official stats), and there was plenty of collective blame to go around. Eli Manning has regressed this season, and the #1 pass defense put his and the offense’s weaknesses into overdrive. Hakeem Nicks arguably shares blame on 2 of the 4 picks, as he practically watched on as two balls were taken in front of him.

And of course the Offensive Line was putrid, routinely getting manhandled on run blocking and pass protection. At one point after the Giants had made 21 pass attempts, Eli Manning was either hurried, hit or sacked on 17 of them. The final stats in that regard may have upticked, if only because the (prevent) defense relaxed.

The Giants defense fought valiantly at times, even if they too were overmatched. SEA’s offense managed just 3 for 13 on 3rd down. All this while the Giants offense (1 for 10 on 3rd’s) kept the Defense on the field with too many drives. Russell Wilson’s legs and RB checkdowns kept the ball moving enough to get 23 points.

The Giants are 5-9. Next is Detroit on the road. Detroit has plenty of talent and even more underachievement. But they rate to trip up the Giants. And similarly, the Redskins rate to lose to the Giants. The final record is honing in on 6-10.

Cruz left the game with a concussion and knee sprain. On the play where Cruz got hurt, Manning threw the ball high, and Cruz (always the fighter) went up to get it. He paid for it in much the same way that Kevin Boss always paid for it, exposing himself to a beating. The Giants would be wise to shelve Cruz until 2014.

It was reported after the game via an Art Stapleton tweet that “One pre-SB 46 Giants player told me after the game this was as tension-filled a post-game locker room as NYG have had since he’s been here.”

Met Life Stadium had plenty of no-shows from fans who opted out. John Mara, like his father, was not happy at halftime when his venerable franchise was also opting out. Changes are coming. Despite what LT said, it is expected that Coughlin’s job is safe. But changes are coming.



REESE's Tunnel Vision of the GREAST D-Line on the Planet,

Is to Blame...


Leveraging the Sal-Cap forward,

on Back-End Load Contracts...

Over Paying BAD FA's....

Signing Player after Player to 1 year,


31 TEAM Scouting Missions....

Forcing him to fill the Roster with,

Over the hill Vets, who can't stay healthy....

Leaving the NYG's a Skeleton of a UNBALANCED ROSTER....


mixed with FeWells BROKEN,

Complex NO BLITZ,

ZONE READ coverage Defense... is HOPELESS....

Just add REESE's Ability/Willingness to draft " AMAZING Athletic Project Players"

..... and HERE we are TODAY.....


REESE , FeWell & Quinn MUST be Fired....


RE-sign- LB Beason

Clean up the Sal-Cap,  cut( TUCK, Webster, Baas, Rolle)

Leave ELI & TC alone....

This all should have been done at 0-6....

... A lot of work to do...



We need to spend the first 3 picks on O-line/LB/CB and sign a big name LB or CB in FA (Orakpo or Byrd).

And sign some veteran depth at WR in FA.


I don't know what's happened to this team, but only two years removed from winning the Super Bowl, it's not good. the Giants might be the only team in the league this year that hasn't really played one complete game start to finish, both sides of the ball. Its a total abomination and an embarrassment that a proud, winning franchise with multiple championships, is even capable of a season this bad. Losing is one thing, but there have been 4 or 5 games this year where they failed to even show up. Yeah, the defense played well yesterday, but there have been too many times where they stunk up the joint just as much as our "pathetic" offense, to use Coach Coughlin's words. This team needs an overhaul and an infusion of new blood even if it means taking a step back. I fear the coaching staff is coming back in full and if that happens, expect more of the same next year. We know TC will be back and because of his loyalty to his coaches, Gilbride and Fewell have a good chance of returning as well unless John Mara gives him some sort of ultimatum. We know ownership can't be happy about what's going on with this team, now we have to see if their anger or disappointment results in any swift action. In closing, damn Eli looks bad. I love the guy, but I hope he recommits himself and works his ass off in the off season and comes back stronger, wiser and smarter and returns to his former elite status. Yes he needs help, but it all starts with him. And as far as Jerry Reese goes... he's got a lot to prove. You can't ride Ernie's coat tails anymore. Get moving and do your homework...your last two drafts have sucked...

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

A shake up needs to start from the top. We know that GM Reese and Tom Coughlin are not going anywhere as both should be given another year to straighten this out. However; the same should be said for Gilbride, Fewell and Quinn as all three should go. Unfortunately; Tom Coughlin is a loyal guy and very loyal to his staff which leads me to believe that if he does return, so will his current staff. If that's the case and the Giants only address player changes, they are not fixing the problem totally.


@Skookaloop I don't disagree with most of what you have said except the Giants would not change personnel at 0-6, it's part of how they conduct business and I'd see if we can rework Rolle's deal.  In a twisted sort of way I'm not pulling very hard for victory over the last two weeks if for no other reason just to underscore that wholesale changes need to occur AND to get a franchise OT in here which will only occur on the north side of the top 15 picks.  Aside from 2008, the Giants just have not been very dominant.  Plax literally shot himself and the Giants only chance at a truly dominant season as the top team in the NFC team over the last 6 years.  We had 10 wins in 2010 but have been at 8, 9, 9 and right now 5 sine 2008 . . . not exactly tearing up the league. 

The Giants have always been solid but not dominant and pinned their hopes on Eli and the defensive line to do their magic in the post season and sufferer no playoffs years for a stretch in between those magical runs.   . . . but I'm kind of tired of being an average team that dominates sometimes and then disappears too often.  Unfortunately, going 5-11 is the best way to let ownership know a shakeup is in order (coaches and players) that is necessary in this business to evolve and sustain success. 

On my wish list is get rid of Gilbride and Fewell . . . TC (can go or stay, either way is fine) . . .  and leave Eli alone and just give that man some protection . . . actually A LOT of protection.

Spend 3 of the top 5 picks on the offensive line to start.

Figure out what to do with Beatty's contract, Uggh!

Tell Reece if he doesn't draft based on NEED then fire him . . . but I wouldn't cut him loose just because of pickups like Beason.

Hope we can keep Joseph and Beason

Restructure Rolle and Eli

Let Webster, Bass, Tuck, and Nicks go.


@fast_eddieIts not that hard to really see whats happened.  Its obviously more than one thing but I think alot of it stems from the offensive line and running game.  When you can't run the ball, and you can protect the passer to throw it, your offense will suck, and it has.  There also other things like Nicks just not being the same guy, no tight end, no pass rush of defense etc.  As bad as it is right now, I don't think the Giants are that far off.  They still have talent and some upgrades upgrades in a few key areas and the Giants will be right back in it.