Giants 2013 Schedule: Pros and Cons

Our man Jimmy Kempski of Blogging the bEast examines the newly-released Giants 2013 regular season schedule. I agree, the pros do outweigh the cons…..


Look at the stretch from Week 6 to Week 14. The Giants will arrive home in the early morning hours on Friday after facing the Bears on Thursday in Week 6. That will be October 12th. The Giants then have a home game against the Vikings, a short bus ride down the NJ Turnpike to face the Eagles, then a BYE, then 3 straight home games, then a train ride (presumably) to DC, before finally having to play in San Diego Week 14.  They might not have to board a plane from October 12th to December 7th. That’s a stretch of 56 days

→Seattle has a road game against their biggest NFC West competition in SF Week 14, then they have to travel to NY to play a 1:00 Sunday game the following week. Brutal for them, advantageous for the Giants.

→Home game Week 17 vs the Skins could be huge.


3 of the first 4 games are on the road.

→Road game on a Thursday Week 6 in Chicago.

→Have to play the opening day “Kevin Ogletree Bowl” on the road.