For Giants to improve, Eli may need to restructure contract

The Giants will be heading into the 2014 season looking to upgrade their roster from top to bottom. But looking at the salary structure the next few seasons, the Giants will have a huge hurdle finding the money for those upgrades.

QB Eli Manning’s contract is reaching the balloon-payment phase and it could throw a monkey-wrench into the plans. According to reports, he’s open to do what it takes to meet the team halfway.

From Jordan Ranaan of

“I haven’t thought about it, but if they come to me, yeah, we’ll discuss it and figure out a plan,” Manning told on Wednesday.

Manning, 32, reworked his contract in 2009 and has two years remaining on his current deal. He also said early in the year he’d redo his deal if it was necessary to re-sign wide receiver Victor Cruz. The Giants re-upped Cruz without asking him to restructure.

The only way to get this done, it appears, is to extend him, but how much relief they’ll get from doing that is debatable. From Pro Football Talk:

“Signed through 2015 at salaries of $15.15 million and $17 million over the next two seasons (via NFLPA records), the question isn’t whether Eli is willing to move money around for cap purposes while ultimately taking the same amount of money. The question is whether he’ll sign a new contract that extends beyond 2015 and that pays him less than the current market value for franchise quarterback, which is in the range of $20 million per year.

Via, Eli counts for $20.4 million and $19.75 million over the next two years under the cap. Getting those numbers down while also getting Manning paid in line with other quarterbacks who have fewer Super Bowl rings (including Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, Drew Brees, and Matt Ryan) will be a challenge.”

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

This is not uncommon in the NFL and Manning will most certainly do what needs to be done for the better of the team. The Giants can always ask other veterans to do the same if needed. The Giants will have  roughly $15m to spend (if the cap is going to be $123m like last season). This amount could be increased if the Giants decide to void some hefty contracts (ie: Webster, Snee, Baas). So the Giants are in very good shape this offseason to explore Free Agency. Reese needs to think outside the box as his job is on the line. Not only draft better, but go get help in free agency (ie: OL/RB/CB/OLB). There will be plenty of UFA available that can help the Giants immediately and not break the bank. Reese can not only hope the draft and the current roster as it stands will turn this team around. If so, the Giants will most certainly have a new GM in 2015.


It's not only Eli.  Attention must be paid to restructuring the coaches and GM straight out the door.  That means getting rid of Reese, Gilbride, Fewell and the other losers on the staff.  And I don't mean replacing them with some other team's losers, such as Shanahan.  Drastic action is required, you don't play around with cancer, you cut it out.


NO WAY !!!

You CAN'T let REESE Continue to Leverage the GIANTs Forward....

Over Spending for a 0-6 TEAM....

A product of PISS POOR Mis-Management !!!

Time to BITE the Bullet !!!


Draft FOOTBALL PLAYERs !!!!!!!!!

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LOOSING WILL go on for a Deacade !!!!

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Michael Frias
Michael Frias

Isn't there a way to restructure without extending him, possibly by making more of the money guaranteed, and less actual salary?

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@triviaace I think Reese and Coughlin will be given one last chance, however; Gilbride, Fewell and Quinn all must go. The current roster will be turned over greatly and hopefully Reese will spend more for free agents (plenty of $$$ in cap space)


@Michael Frias Yes, but that would force the Giants to pay a hefty sum to him upfront. Not sure if they are willing to do that. They may as well leave things the way they are.