Answers to our top five mailbox questions

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Readers send me inquiries via emails, texts and tweets all the time. Most of them I can answer with a simple sentence. Then there are others that I have no answer for.  I’ve decided to share some of those with you below…

What is the story with Adrien Robinson?

Who? Oh, you mean the ‘JPP’ of TEs’? Well, as far as I can tell he’s still MIA. He has been inactive all year. Hasn’t dressed for a single game this season. He began the season with a sprained foot and was cleared to play a few weeks ago for the Raider game. But, he has yet to make the gameday cut. This will be the second wasted season for Robinson, who only played in two games as a rookie last year.

The Giants selected Robinson in the fourth round in last year’s draft based on his unlimited potential. They felt he would develop into a special player. They’re still waiting. Meanwhile, they’ve had to comb the streets to fill the roster with people who can actually play this game.

Why did the Giants draft Ryan Nassib?

Good question. I wrote back in April that they felt they needed to begin developing a young arm behind Eli sooner rather than later. That’s probably the answer. If something should befall Eli (use brother Peyton as an example), the team would have a legitimate backup in place. Not a bad move, but they traded up to get Nassib as if they had other plans for him, such as a trade.

Nassib physically reminds me of Drew Brees and he is also a natural leader. Now, he’s no Brees, but he could be a starter in this league someday. The Giants, unfortunately, haven’t given him a shot yet this season, but that could change. There’s no real reason to risk Eli’s health unnecessarily the next three weeks. If they really want to showcase Nassib for a trade, they should get him some snaps this holiday season. That’s something no Giant fan would disagree with.

What are the Giants’ plans at head coach? Tom Coughlin can’t coach forever.

Coughlin could surprise everyone and pack it in after this season. I doubt that will happen, but you never know. He’s tried every trick in the book the past two seasons to revive this corpse of a team and nothing has worked. But he’s not a quitter. He believes this group has one more run in it. Not sure what he’s basing that on.

As for who a possible replacement would be, your guess is as good as mine. They’ll be a line a mile long of candidates who want the job, but this is a family business. They may not choose the best candidate according to experts, but the right one for them.  Who that person is may surprise all of us.

What do you think the Giants will do early in the draft next year?

If there is a left tackle staring them in the face, they’d be nuts to pass. They need help at almost every position, but protecting Eli’s back has to be their No. 1 priority. He’s been sacked more times this season than any other in his career – and there’s still three games to go.  It’s a little early to speculate, but they could be drafting high enough to land Texas A&M’s Jake Matthews, Taylor Lewan of Michigan or Tennessee’s Antonio Richardson. That would solve some problems. It would get Will Beatty, who has had a disappointing season, off LT and keep Eli upright and unfettered in the passing game.

Will the Giants re-sign Hakeem Nicks?

I don’t see them actively pursuing Nicks, especially if his price gets too high. Rueben Randle is coming along and the team will not be overpaying for free agents in an offseason where they need to fill multiple holes.  I like Nicks, and at one time he was a special player, but he appears to have played his way out of the Giants’ plans. Sitting out the spring workouts and then sitting out the team’s biggest game of the year (it’s still unknown whether that was his decision) has caused many to sour on him. Oh, and no TDs all year isn’t boding all that well for him, either.


I'd be more curious to see what Nassib can contribute if his pre-season wasn't an abject failure.  Mr. F - any word on how he's been coming along in practices this season?

Tamás Asbóth
Tamás Asbóth

It would be good to see Nassib on the field, but i have doubt we can raise his value with this offensive line.

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

No Giant fan would disagree with Nassib getting some playing time these final 3 games but unfortunately knowing stubborn Coughlin there's absolutely no chance of that happening. Barring very late in a blowout situation of course. But Tom won't treat it any different than if they were 8-5 as opposed to 5-8. I mean how much more lopsided could this past game vs SD have been and there was still not even a thought of putting Nassib in despite the appearance Charlie Whitehurst under Center on the other side.