Andre Brown is aiming to come back this season

Sources project leg fracture will keep RB out 4-6 weeks

RB Andre Brown, who suffered a small fracture to his left leg in last night’s loss to the Patriots, says don’t be too quick to count him out.

“I have been here before and they would let me know if it was more serious than it is but it is not,” said Brown after the game. “My spirits are high and positive and I am looking forward to coming back this season. They have said no surgery and that is the best part of it.”

Stevie BrownHe’s right. He walked off the field under his own power sporting only a slight limp. He knows what a fractured leg feels like, having just recovered from such an injury last year which was more severe.

“It doesn’t require surgery or anything of that nature and that is a positive. I’m looking forward to making sure that everything is good with it, rehab well and most definitely I will be back. I just got a helmet straight to it and it is just a little bump in the road.”

Tom Coughlin said he felt badly about Brown getting injured but did not second guess his decision to have Brown – or any other key player  – playing that deep into the game.

“We had scheduled it because I wanted him to have a number of snaps because I wanted him to quite frankly play better than he did the week before,” the coach explained. “There are two guys at that spot – David got basically the first quarter and Andre got a few downs there and he was playing to get his number of snaps.”

Brown is probably looking at a 4-6 week recovery period, which puts the Giants in a bind. They may not be able to just simply carry him on the roster for that long. They have too many other players that won’t be ready for the beginning of the season as it is.

The one option the Giants do have at their disposal is the new IR rule, which allows a team to place a player on IR for a minimum of six weeks, then reactivate them to the roster. But first, that player must be part of the final roster. The Giants must first cut somebody, then hope they are still available to be re-signed when they send Brown to IR.