Accentuating the positives from yesterday’s win

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

We got a little tired of the vitriol this week, so we’re dwelling on the positives. For those who have been hating on OC Kevin Gilbride, they need to back off.

Gilbride had a pretty solid game yesterday considering his offensive line du-jour could not open holes for the running game and his QB continued to battle some accuracy issues. The Giants actually completed a screen pass yesterday. Luck, you say? Hey, it worked…

Key Performances

On offense, it has to be WR Jerrel Jernigan. He caught only half his targets (6 catches, 80 yards) but he finally resembles an NFL player. He caught his first career TD – a 20-yard strike down the middle from Eli in which he held onto after getting sandwiched by two Detroit defenders.

The Giants got a break on defense as Lions’ superstar WR Calvin Johnson could barely cut on his wounded knee. He caught only 3 passes for 43 yards. The big star on D was DE Mathias Kiwanuka, who had his biggest game of the year: six tackles, two sacks, five QB hits, a pass defended and forced a Reggie Bush fumble which led to a Giants’ score.

S Will Hill was right there with him. Of course, his pick-six was the turning point of the game for the Giants, but he played lights-out all afternoon. Hill recorded nine tackles (two on special teams), an INT and a pass defended.

Jon Beason had 11 total tackles. The defense did not allow a play longer than 17 yards yesterday.

On special teams, Michael Cox had a 56-yard kickoff return to begin overtime. It was the longest of his career and the longest of the season for the Giants.

Next up: The Washington Redskins. With a win, the Giants can up their record to 7-9, meaning they would have won seven of their last ten games to close out the season.


It seems what I have been hearing from sportscasters are claiming that the coaching staff will be retained for another few years. Maybe they are right but to my eyes Eli Manning has regressed from earlier years and as the saying goes what have you done for me lately! Eli's numbers have been going down the last several years not saying that he has had some help which is true, but why did not the GM give Eli more help at the OL? If you have seen yesterday's game Eli missed five times on pass plays and two were going for TD's. That is not nor will it be expected of him......yes he's normal but it happens to many times.

Eli is the reason the giants are 6-9, make no mistake about it.


2 desperation pass plays along with one phenomenal catch led to 2 sb wins remove those and what are we talking about today, a team that consistently plays down to the competition and whose head coach never has the temp of the team figured out.

a team that generally plays to the league average but puts 2 hot streaks together to win duel championships, those champs are the bottom line as we all know but this coaching staff is average at best and the team seems to win in spite of them and their leadership or lack thereof.

i think a coaching change has been needed for awhile now and to continue unabated will leave the jints with another cycle of pedestrian rather than champ fb, imho! 



NOT the Way i SEE IT---

ELI to Tyree = Desperation, But that WASN'T 4th Down...


Single coverage on Plax, on the OUTSIDE, PERFECT PASS !!! NOT DESPERATION....

ELI to Mario= Was thrown on 1st Down !!! ,

ELI read the Safety Cheating too far in....

He talked about this in an interview,

The play call was,

Because Nicks & Cruz where being Doubled,

get Both of them on the Same side of the Field,

Thus Mario would have Single Coverage,

Most likely Man to Man,

If Mario could get Separation,

it was a Safe throw Over the Top....

he said the Visional Cue was an EZ READ,

Because, when he was at the Line, PRE-SNAP,

the SPACE between the Left Hash Mark, and 

where the Safety was creeping,  kept getting bigger,

Which means Mario Wasn't Covered Over the Top....

......That Play ONLY brought them to Mid Field....


had to be put together....

Which ELI DID !!!!

the NYG's Need a NEW GM and DC.

Bye Bye, REESE & FeWELL....


FA 2014- 2, Cover LBer's...



@cole3244 very true, but the catcalls from the rafters for a change have fallen on deaf ears....they will make a change when they feel it's sooner


@SNYGiants@cole3244i lived through the allie sherman days and i don't want to repeat them but that's the owners way and always will be.