Week 10 Final: Giants 13 vs Bengals 31

Kel Dansby

Fourth Quarter:

– Victor Cruz drops an open touchdown pass and Eli can’t catch a break.

– The Giants come up short  on 4th and 5 after the drop by Bennett and the game is all but over.

– The bye week will be very interesting for the Giants and I’m sure the Coughlin & Eli doubters will be out in full force the next 2 weeks.

– Andre Brown makes a strong run and the Giants offense was best this season when he was heavily involved. Kevin Gilbride must find a way to give him some more carries down the stretch.

– Eli Manning has his 3rd turnover of the game and the Giants 4th overall. The Bengals take control of the ball at midfield.

– The Bengals were going for it on 4th down but that delay of game penalty forces them to punt. They are officially disrespecting this Giants squad.

– Andre Brown making his presence known on this final Giants possession. Fantasy owners, such as myself, that have him on the bench cringe after this drive.

Third Quarter:

– The Giants running game is nonexistent so far in this game and most of the pressure falls squarely on Eli Manning’s shoulders.

– The offensive line cannot block this athletic Bengals line and the Giants go 3 and out to begin the 2nd half. A comeback looks bleak with the effort that this tea is showing today.

– A strong stand by the defense and a solid return by Randle gives this struggling Giants offense good field position which means another opportunity for Tynes to put points on the board.

– Ahmad Bradshaw is trying to pick up some momentum and he has 30 yards on his last 3 carries.

– He quickly losses that momentum by fumbling the ball away in the red zone and the Giants squander a chance to put points on the board.

– Prince Amukamara is having his best game of his career and has really picked up the slack for a struggling Corey Webster.

– Eli Manning throws an interception trying to escape a sack. The offensive line hasn’t held up at all today and Eli once again makes a mistake.

– The Bengals turn the interception into a touchdown and the Giants have once again self destructed in a November game.

– Eli Manning has thrown his second interception of the game and he has 4 interceptions and 0 touchdowns over his last three games.

– Eli Manning has handed the Bengals 14 points to begin this 3rd quarter and the Giants are now playing to just keep the score respectable. The Giants look as though they need a bye week to gather themselves and reevaluate their philosophy.

– The Giants have gone to the hurry up offense but it hasn’t changed much as Eli and the receivers continue to struggle.

– Cruz finally makes his presence known on 3rd down and the Giants get the first down by the nose of the football.


Second Quarter:

– The Giants defense makes its first stop of the game and the offense tries to find some rhythm.

– The Giants fail on it’s fourth straight 3rd down and they are now 1-6 in the game. They go 3 and out once again and the defense is right back on the field. Eli Manning continues to struggle as teams are double teaming Victor Cruz on all 3rd downs.

– Michael Boley makes a nice stop on 3rd down and short but the Bengals will attempt their second 4th down conversion of the game. This shows the lack of respect that the Bengals have for this Giants offense. They don’t fear giving them the ball with good field position.

– On fourth down the Giants get no pass rush and they allow the Bengals to convert on 4th and short with a pass over the middle.

– The Giants only hope is to hold the Bengals to a field goal because an 18 point halftime difficult will be difficult to overcome with this anemic offense.

– The defense holds the Bengals to a field goal and the Giants can end this half on a positive note if they can find a way to sustain a drive.

– The Giants finally pick up the pace and Eli Manning is finding Hakeem Nicks against this zone defense. The Giants would benefit from a field goal but a touchdown would put them in position to tie the game with their first possession of the second half.

– Eli Manning goes back to Nicks on a game changing 4th down play. Nicks isn’t a 100% physically but he is showing that his heart can propel him.

– The Giants come up a foot short in the red zone but Lawrence Tynes puts 3 more points on the board.  The Giants will receive the ball after the half and try to cut further into this Bengals lead.


First Quarter:

– The Giants choose to differ to the second half and the Giants “Soft” defense will have an opportunity to prove themselves.

– The Bengals work the  pass on first down and inside runs plays on second down to perfection on the first drive.

– The Giants fall asleep on the play action pass and allow a wide open touchdown to AJ Green. Green is the most dangerous player on this Bengals team and there is no excuse for him being left wide open down field.

– The Giants continue there annual November slump and the defense continues to give up big plays. Eli Manning enters the game down a score.

– Three and Out for the Giants to open this game ad the defense is forced back onto the field.

– A penalty for illegally running out of bounds on the Giants special teams forces the Giants to punt again and this time PacMan Jones makes them pay by returning the ball to the 12 yard line.

– Through 5 minutes the Bengals have targeted AJ Green 6 times and hes has 4 catches.

– The next play goes to Hawkins on an out route and the Bengals take an early 14 point lead.

– The Giants seems to play this way every year around this time and this is why the NFC East is always up for grabs and Tom Coughlin is always on the hot seat. Their lack of mid-season focus is baffling.

– A huge hit by Will Hill and Chase Blackburn forces the fumble on the punt and the Giants offense is bailed out after a lackluster possession. The Giants must score a TD if they hope to keep pace with this aggressive Bengals offense.

– The Giants settle for 3 points and they squander the chance to change the momentum of the game.

– Corey Webster is incapable of stopping AJ Green and the Bengals know it.