Tom Coughlin: Giants’ Defense ‘Soft’

Addressing the media yesterday, Giants head coach Tom Coughlin made an attempt to explain why his defense allowed the Pittsburgh Steelers to excel offensively over his defense Sunday.

Simply put, Coughlin called them soft.

“It was soft, no question. It was soft early. We came back and played a little bit better and then they had their breakout there at the end of the game, but that was also a third down and nine that was converted. So we got mushed a little bit up front. Their big bodies knocked us back and time-to-time we got a little bit better. We didn’t tackle well. We missed 12 tackles in the game.”

Soft and mushed — not exactly the diction you want to hear when a coach describes the play of his D.

The Giants allowed backup running back Isaac Redman to rush for 147 yards against them, most of which came right through the heart of the defense.

So, it begs the question: is Coughlin trying to call out his defense?

Perhaps this is Coughlin’s attempt to fire up his unit through the media. My beef with it is that if it works, the Giants will play tremendous against Cincy, move to 7-3, then head into a bye week. Sure, they will feel confident entering the week off, but they’ll forget what Coughlin said by the time they line up against Green Bay Week 12.

How would you motivate the defense? And would time factor in?

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