Stopping Rodgers’ Passing Attack Key for Giants

Jim Mancari , Contributor

Looking at the stats in anticipation for the Giants upcoming game against the Packers, one statistic really stands out.

The Packers have scored 33 touchdowns this season, third in the NFC behind the Saints and Buccaneers.

Of those 33 scores, 28 have been passing touchdowns from Aaron Rodgers, while only two have been rushing touchdowns and the other three return touchdowns.

That’s an astounding number. Rodgers has a bevy of talented receivers, but even so, to have 85 percent of a team’s touchdowns be through the air is impressive and must be taken into account by Perry Fewell and the Giants’ defense.

In comparison to the Giants touchdown numbers, Big Blue has scored 26 touchdowns this season: 12 rushing, 12 passing and two on returns.

The Giants normally have a balanced offensive attack. When they get near the goal line, usually Ahmad Bradshaw or Andre Brown carries the ball into the end zone rather than Manning throwing a one-yard touchdown.

However, Rodgers is notorious for being as effective in short yardage red zone plays as he is throwing the ball deep downfield.

It’s going to be a test for the Giants’ secondary to contain Rodgers. However, the secondary can benefit from Big Blue’s defensive front putting pressure on Rodgers. Opponents have sacked Rodgers 32 times, so his performance can be limited if he’s on his back.

This game is going to be an offensive battle. The Giants are itching to get a consistent passing game going, while the Packers make their living through the air.

For the season, the Giants are only averaging 0.4 points per game more than Green Bay: 26.7-26.3.

Those points numbers may be blown out of the water this Sunday, but if the Giants can contain Rodgers, then maybe they’ll be the only team that scores 30-plus.

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