Final: Giants 17 – Eagles 19

Kel Dansby

Fourth Quarter:

– Eli opens the fourth quarter by throwing an interception in the end zone to DRC.

– The Eagles immediately capitalize on the mistake by the Giants and move the ball using LeSean McCoy. The defense for the Giants seems to be showing signs of fatigue, McCoy is taking advantage of cutback lanes left by the defensive ends.

– Lack of a pass rush and arm tackles are showing that the Giants defense has little left in the tank. It is up to Eli Manning and this offense to score on their next two possessions if they hope to win this game on the road.

– Eli Manning and the Giants use two play action passes to go the length of the field against the Eagles D. Even without a true threat of a running game Kevin Gilbride uses his tendencies to his advantage and hits two huge passes on first down.

– Eli Manning goes back to the bunch pattern in which he threw a pick last drive and this time finds a wide open Pascoe for the TD and the Giants first lead of the game.

– Celek gets away with a blatant hold on JPP and the Eagles break off another long run against this tired Giants defense. The team with the ball last will win this game.

– The offensive tackles for the Eagles must have traded jerseys with all pro lineman at the half. They have played a spectacular half blocking for both the run and the pass.

– The Eagles running game milks over 4 minutes off of the clock and the Giants are in danger of losing this game due to a lack of passion on conditioning.

– Questionable execution by the Eagles lead to a field goal by the Eagles, but they have made the Giants burn all of their timeouts so Eli will have to choose his throws wisely.

– David Wilson returns the ball to the 37 yard line and Eli has to only go about 40 yard to get the Giants into field goal range.

– Eli takes a shot down field for Ramses Barden on 4th down and less than a yard. A huge pass interference call gives the Giants hope in the game. Eli hopes to give Tynes an easier kick in these slick field conditions.

– Another pass interference on the Eagles moves the Giants into field goal range and Eli must now protect the ball.

– The Giants Barden now commits a touch penalty of his own and moves the Giants to the edge of Tynes field goal range.

– The Eagles freeze Lawrence Tynes on his missed field goal and give the Giants another opportunity.

– The pass interference call on Barden changes the game and the Giants lose a tough one to the Eagles on the road.

Third Quarter:

– The Eagles open up the second half trying to establish the running and the Giants defense is still holding strong.

– The Eagles are using max protections and cadence to keep the defense on their heels. Time of possession will become more of a factor as this game furthers.

– The Eagles run back-to-back off tackle running plays that total 60 yards and set the Eagles up with the ball within the 5 yard line. The Giants defensive should consider allowing a field goal a victory on this drive. The Eagles clearly see that they have an advantage on the right side of their offensive line that they would like to continue to exploit in this second half.

– David Wilson has his third huge return of the night. He is making up for his lack of offensive production thus far this season with his special teams play. He has returned every kickoff tonight to at least the 40 yard line, which is key in a low scoring game where field position is vital.

– The Giants march down field using their running game and a seam route to Victor Cruz ties the game for them. Both teams relied heavily on their running game to open this half, but the Giants capitalize with a touchdown in comparison to the Eagles field goal.

– The Eagles capitalize off of the successful running game of the previous drive and use play action passes to move the ball down field.

– Vick runs around an unblocked Osi to gain 20 yards and put the Eagles in field goal range.

– Osi Umenyiora’s head is obviously not in the game tonight and his rotation should be shortened. He cannot play disciplined football and Justin Tuck should play more as an outside pass rusher to close this game.

– David Wilson and the kickoff return unit deserves the game ball if the team wins tonight. Wilson breaks his longest run of the night and explodes to midfield for his 4th return of 40+ yards.

– The Giants best running plays of the season have come with Hynoski leading the way, yet the Giants opt to use a two tight end set to pick up a crucial 3rd down.

– The Giants go shotgun with 10 seconds left in the quarter and Victor Cruz continues to haunt the Eagles. Eli Manning scoops another low snap and hits his trusted slot receiver for the first down and more. The 4th quarter will be everything oth fan bases could hope for between two of the best teams in the division.


Second Quarter:

– The Giants bring a nickle blitz on 3rd down and are able to force Vick into throwing a blind deep pass to DeSean Jackson. Both offenses have punted 3 times in just over a quarter of action. A field goal would be a welcomed sight at this point.

– Gilbride pulls out another rarely seen play from his playbook with a fake reverse halfback screen that goes for 20 yards. The offensive line will need plays like these to stop the pass rush of the Eagles.

– An illegal hands to the face penalty gives the Giants a first down, but the offensive line continues to give up to much ground to these defensive ends.

– Andre Brown is receiving a few more looks in this second quarter and he may be more valuable to this offense as a fresh runner in the 3rd and 4th quarters than he was playing the entire game last week.

– The Giants punt for the 4th time tonight and this defensive battle continues in Philly. Big plays may be the deciding factor in this game, which is bad news for Giants fans because the Eagles offense is more suited to win that way.

– The Giants defense remains aggressive and forces another 3 and out by the Eagles offense. We are still waiting on that first score of the game and the team that scores first may also be the team that scores last with the way this game is being played.

РThe Eagles respond with a 3 and out of their own and break out a nifty Amoeba  blitz package look. The offensive line should know that slide protections are the worst possible options against a Amoeba defense and that a simple pinch protection is what yields the best results. A teaching point for the offensive line coach between these next possessions.

– An undisciplined play by Osi Umenyiora gives the Eagles a free first down. In a game where every play is a struggle the defense cannot become complacent.

– A quick passing attack by Vick and mental mistakes by the defense have led to the longest drive of the game by the Eagles offense.

– Osi Umenyiora is having one of his worst drives of the season and is playing undisciplined football. He has given up contain 3 times during the past series and jumped offside once. He may be all about having fun and joking but this is the time to buckle down and keep this game close.

– Too much time in the pocket for Mike Vick and it leads to an easy touchdown pass to Jackson. The Eagles opt to max protect on that play and Corey Webster looks lost for the second time in the first half.

– David Wilson sees his second long return of the night negated by a holding flag on Paysinger.

– Eli has found Hixon on the first three passing plays of this drive and Hixon seems to have the favorable match up this week.

– Victor Cruz continues to work in the slot against Boynkin and makes a strong handed catch to move the chains. As long as Eli doesn’t force anything the Giants should be able to come away with some points.

– The Giants settle for a field goal at the end of the half and this game is shaping up to be as epic as previous games in this rivalry.


First Quarter:

– David Wilson opens the game with an explosive return. The Giants will need a major contribution from the special teams if they hope to beat Philly on the road.

– The offensive line is struggling early with the talented defensive line of the Eagles. Locklear has been beat on 3 of the first 4 passing plays of this game.

– The Giants first drive stalls and we’ve seen the first major adjustment from the Eagles defense. Nnamdi Asomugha was covering Victor Cruz in the slot on third and long. The Eagles will not let him see many plays against zone coverage on 3rd downs.

– The Giants defense forces the Eagles to go 3 and out on their first position. The defensive line continues to looks great against the run and the secondary holds up quite well on 3rd and long. The Eagles usually take a shot deep down the field on the first drive but the dominance of the Giants D-line has seemed to have taken them out of their game plan.

– The Giants need to establish a strong running game against this Eagles wide 9 defensive look. The Giants have opened up the playbook and have already shown a two back set with a shovel pass.

– A holding play negates a huge catch and run by Martellus Bennett. Bennett has come into his own in this Giants’ offense and has the most talent of any player at that position since Jeremy Shockey.

– Beatty needs to trust Eli Manning to release the ball quickly and not accumulate unnecessary holding penalties. Beatty was barely two kick-slides into his protection before he reached out at Cole.

– Kenny Phillips seems to have injured his knee on a run play by LeSean McCoy that was negated by a hold in the backfield. The Giants continue to lose key members of their secondary, which puts them at a huge disadvantage against this Eagles vertical passing game.

– The Giants showcase their Nascar defense for the first time tonight and we see a defensive line that showcases four first round defensive ends in the package at the same time. No other team in the NFL could boast a lineup quite like that on 3rd down and the dividends are immediately visible with the Giants forcing an incompletion by the Eagles offense.

– The Giants offense stalls once again and the running game is yet to be a major factor for either team. Neither offense line can establish any momentum against the dominant defensive lines and blitz packages.

– The Giants defense continues to struggle with getting Vick on the turf. The pressure has been steady all night but Vick seems to find a way to maintain his balance and make plays against the defense.

– The story of this first quarter is missed opportunities and sloppy line play by both teams. The banged up Giants defense must now make a play to stop this drive by the Eagles and keep the struggling offense in the game.