Giants’ Mid-Season Report: 93.9% of Making Playoffs?

According to Sports Club Stats, the New York Giants have a 93.9 percent chance of making the playoffs this season.

Despite the loss to the Steelers, winning four of their final seven contests is considered “a virtual lock” — 10 wins amounts to a 99.7 percent chance at making the post-season. Even just two more victories would still give New York about a 39 percent chance.

So, put in perspective, despite the fact there has been an uncanny level of panic around the Giants following their collapse to Pittsburgh, it’s really unwarranted.

The Giants are considered Super Bowl contenders if AND only if they finish with a 12 wins on the season.

Now, what’s a reasonable expectation for the Giants’ final record?

The schedule: Cincinnati (11-11), BYE, Green Bay (11-25), Washington (12-3), New Orleans (12-9), Atlanta (12-16), Baltimore (12-23) and Philadelphia (12-30).

Let’s be safe AND realistic: I project 5- 2 finish, figuring the Giants tend to have the Packers’ number; Atlanta always plays stellar in the Georgia Dome; and the Ravens are undefeated in the Charm City this season.

That would leave the Giants at 11-5 on the year.

Eleven wins would amount to a first-round bout on Wildcard Weekend with likely Green Bay (38 percent) or Tampa Bay (17 percent). Seattle has a 15-percent chance.

At 11 wins, the Giants’ Super Bowl chances fall to 4.3 percent.

What’s at stake this weekend? A win or loss would either increase or decrease the Giants’ chance of the playoff by 5.3 percent.

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