Eli Manning Has Owned Redskins in Career

Jim Mancari , Contributor

The Giants and Redskins will square off for the second time this time. It took a late Eli Manning to Victor Cruz touchdown pass to give the Giants a victory in the first matchup.

Robert Griffin III displayed his electric style of play, and the rookie will get a chance to avenge that loss on Monday night.

But if history repeats itself, which is never a guarantee in the NFL, Griffin III will be handed his second straight loss to Manning.

Even including the sweep at the hands of the Redskins last season, Manning is 11-5 all-time against Washington.

He’s completed 56 percent of his passes and has averaged 224 yards per game. He’s thrown 13 touchdown passes, but he actually has 15 interceptions. His total quarterback rating against the Redskins in 73.0.

The stats won’t exactly blow you away, but the record speaks for itself. Manning has basically played an 16-game entire season (11-5) against the Skins.

Often times in football, a quarterback’s stats can be overlooked if a team is winning games.

Look at Alex Smith the past two seasons for the 49ers, before losing his job to Colin Kaepernick. Smith ranked near the middle of the pack in most statistical categories, yet there wasn’t a whole lot of attention focused on that since his team won the majority of its games.

This is not to say that Smith and Manning are on the same level, but when a team is winning, stats really don’t matter much.

Manning will look to continue his dominance, more so in the win column as opposed to the stats column, Monday night in what is shaping up to be a crucial NFC East battle. A Giants’ win would put Big Blue in great position to defend their division title.

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