Coordinator’s Corner: Perry Fewell talks Cincinnati Bengals

In Perry Fewell’s weekly spot with the media, the Giants’ defensive coordinator addressed everything Big Blue D from the aftermath of Sunday’s loss to the Steeelers to A.J. Green’s comments about Swiss Cheese.

After Tom Coughlin tagged his defense as soft earlier in the week, Fewell agreed — in a way — and explained what went wrong.

“We didn’t shed well and we didn’t tackle well,” Fewell said. “We could’ve tackled a hell of a lot better. We could’ve shed a hell of a lot better in that football game to make some football plays.”

In the aftermath, Pewell and his players were both angry, largely because they know what their potential is and they felt they let this last one slip away.

Looking ahead to Cincinnati, he thinks his team has a greater sense of urgency. Perhaps the fourth-quarter collapse served as motivation for this game.

“We’ve had great energy. We’ve had good focus. Our guys want to win a football game, bottom line,” Fewell said. “They’re professional, they know how to take criticism and they want to improve their performance.”

Bengals star wideout A.J. Green said after the Steelers game, he noticed there were holes in the Giants’ D.

That’s a common problem with every defense in the league, Fewell said. Not to sound like Chris Berman, but that’s why they play the game.

“I really don’t listen to a lot of the comments that guys like that make, because talk is cheap, you play the game,” Fewell said.

“There’s holes in every defense and there’s holes in every offense. That’s why you coach. That’s why you play, to correct the mistakes that you make and you go out and try to win a football game.”

Fewell would not update the status of linebacker Chase Blackburn of defensive tackle Chris Canty, he said there would be an update Friday.

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