Coordinator Corner: Kevin Gilbride addresses struggling offense

It was no secret the Giants’ offense was struggling prior to the Cincinnati game. Afterwards, though, the problems were glaring.

Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride addressed the media today to discuss the unit’s issues, stating the team will take full advantage of their week off to regroup and refocus.

“We’re going to try and take advantage of it, there’s no question,” Gilbridge said. “It’s an important time for us to: a) see what people are doing against us, which we pretty much have a handle on; and b) see what it is that we can do within the framework of our personnel to effectively attack what people are doing.”

Much of the offensive woes have fallen onto the shoulders of Eli Manning. The Giants’ quarterback hasn’t thrown a touchdown in three games, but denies any injuries or tiredness to his right arm.

With no excuse for the slump, Gilbride suggested a number of factors have contributed the lack of success.

“Certainly, if we give him the time and the protection, I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll put the ball where it needs to go, accurately, correctly and give guys a chance,” Gilbride said. “It comes down to protection. It comes down to the guys doing a better job getting open, getting separation. Believe me, it’s a collective process out there.”

The Giants have a history of November struggles and have not enjoyed much success in the second halves of seasons.

Gilbride acknowledged the coaching staff is well aware of that trend, but it hasn’t always been the offense’s fault.

This year, however, it is.

“Obviously, we haven’t quite figured it out yet, or we wouldn’t be going through another one that we’re looking forward to ending after two games,” Gilbridge said. “We’ve come up short the last two weeks, so that’s what I go by. Not the years past, but what has happened the last couple weeks, and the last couple weeks we haven’t played well offensively, so that’s been the biggest disappointment for us.”

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