Feeling Blue: Giants Offense on Par with 2011

A statistical comparison between the 2011 and 2012 New York Giants offense would show us all that perhaps we dialed up the panic meter a tad bit early.

Through 10 games, Big Blue has has the same record, almost identical yards per game and in some categories, the 2012 edition has been a bit even better.


Right. You’re as shocked as me.

So why are are we pressing down on the panic button like it’s the “close doors” button in the elevator at 5:01 p.m.?

In the last three games, the Giants have scored no more than one offensive touchdown per game. It’s their longest skid since 2004, when Eli Manning was a rookie.

During those games, the offense has averaged 264 yards per game. To put it in perspective, the Jacksonville Jaguars average 264 yards per game. The Jaguars, of course, are ranked dead last in the NFL in yards per game.

The Giants have failed to hold possession for longer than 30 minutes during the last three contests. It’s the team’s worst mark since they failed to accomplish the same feat seven times in a row from 2004-05.

The offense has been lethargic. It has lacked the big play. This has been what we’ve come to expect out of Victor Cruz, and the last time we saw a long, game-changing play was that 77-yard strike from Manning to Cruz to beat the Washington Redskins. Against Cincinnati, the Giants totaled just one play more than 20 yards.

Here’s the deal. We’re all wondering what has put the Giants in this slump? It feels like we’re in a hole and we’re going to be stuck in it for the remainder of the winter.

Statistics show us that we’re also on par with the numbers posted in 2011 — in some regards, the offense is even better — and that this is merely a funk Manning and Co. will have to diagnose during their week off.

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